Dulce Gusto Nescafe Coffee Machine

Can life get any more beautiful? Another coffee machine from Nestle shipped all the way from Dubai just to be used & abused by moi 😉 The bos was huge, love it when I receive a huge package, it just pleases my eyes & not to mention I already knew what was inside it, a lovely coffee machine 😉 what I didn’t know is that it came with a customized box with twitter account name on it, avatar & tweets, how lovely is that? Also the boxes of the coffee capsules had the names of some of my dear fellow bloggers & friends 😉 Loved it!

I immediately opened the box & tried it right away (can’t blame me). Each box had its capsules, some came with milk capsules (lovely). You just need to add water, the measurement is there on each box for each flavor, just follow & the instructions & you’ll enjoy one hell of a coffee 😉 The coffee machine is called Genio, very tiny & easy to place anywhere you want! Mine came in red, suits my purple dining room 😀

Dad was also there at the time the box arrived from Aramex, he also wanted to taste it. I made him a cup of cappuccino which he enjoyed alot & i made myself a cup of Chococcino (Hot Chocolate) just to try the taste & it was very delicious 😀

You can buy the machine & capsules from selected places in Kuwait. Click Here to know more about it.

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16 thoughts on “Dulce Gusto Nescafe Coffee Machine

  1. haya

    Eb cham khthait’ha?

  2. Miss Good Egg

    i hate coffee bs 3alaikom bil3afia :*

  3. even if she is not mentioned you have to mention her!!!

    when am i invited inshalah?

  4. i love it!! the coffee taste great! easy to make the cappuccino

  5. Wow this post 7adda yaa ebwaqtaaa wohooo !
    I’m searching for a coffee machine to purchase thank you thank yooouuu ;**

  6. Oh wow, shakla yshaweqqqqqqq!
    3alaij bel3afya :*

  7. Looks awesome, I hate coffee but love hot chocolate LOL what’s more awesome is the branded specialized box now I’d love that and save the box more than saving the machine LOL! (JK)

    But seriously it would’ve been awesome if @Jacquies was on the chococino rather than the espresso but in the end it worked out since you love espresso more than anything so you love me more than anything (coughStandycoughcough) 😛

    Hehehe 3alaich bl 3afya o enjoy it!

    • you think i wont save that box? im gonna put it in a glass box & save it for my grandchildren to see it 😛

      hahaha nice interpretation 😛 weeeen Standy 😉

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