Coffee With Or Without Sugar?

Ever since i started drinking coffee (highschool) I used to drink it without sugar & still do … I mean, how can someone drink coffee with sugar? How can you taste the real flavor of COFFEE when you mess the whole blend with SUGAR? It just ruins everything, it becomes a sugary drink when it’s supposed to be a very powerful non sugary drink with that taste that comes at the end & leaves you clueless & BAAAM you’re nourished & refreshed when coffee kicks in your system.

Why ruin it with sugar? I’ll give you a suggestion that will make you quit adding sugar to your coffee cup … eat a very sweet piece of chocolate, after that drink plain dark coffee & trust me, you’ll be in heaven! The taste will take to another place that you’ve never imagined (Only coffeeholics understand that kind of taste). Do it every now & then until you get used to it. My husband used to drink coffee with sugar ,,, but not anymore! After using the method I’ve mentioned he became he addicted to coffee without sugar or even eating a chocolate before drinking it 😀 (Proud Wife).

It really kills me when I see people adding sugar to their coffee, it’s like torturing that cup of coffee, degrading it, humiliating the whole aroma! Drink your coffee without sugar please & respect it 😀

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46 thoughts on “Coffee With Or Without Sugar?

  1. Totally agree with u, coffee should be consumed as it is no sugar no milk.

    Usually I don’t believe some one who claims he is a coffee addict if he drinks his coffee with sugar or milk, it totally ruins the taste.

    Iced coffee blends in general r acceptable with sugar or caramel otherwise no way I could drink my coffee with sugar.

    • yeah i get you, they say they’re coffee-addict & they add tons of sugar! how come? where’s the addiction if you’re not feeling the belnd?

  2. Thank god , of course you have seen my tweet!
    seriously how can anyone add sugar to their coffee and for the people who does you are missing a lot !
    i get offended if someone add sugar to my coffee or even have the courage to tell me do you need sugar with your coffee.
    coffee is more than a drink to stay awake you should enjoy every sip of it while enjoying the taste of pure coffee .

    • I’ve been wanting to write about this for a long time & teach people the method of how to drink coffee without sugar!

      I feel sad when i see people adding sugar! coz they’re wasting the essence of their drink.!

  3. انا على حسب نوع القهوه احط شكر :p
    اذا تركيه و فرنسيه لازم
    اذا لاتيه و كابوتشينو و موكا على حسب ساعات احط و ساعات ماحط 😉

    • la 9adgini lat7e6een sugar! le2annech mara7 et7eseeen eb 6a3mha el a9li! ekli kakawa o b3den sherbay gahwetech eterkeya bedon sugar! 9adgini ra7 tad3eeeli 😛 yabeela bs momarasa 😀

  4. LOL I use ur method for yrs now… I take it after Mom. I started enjoying Turkish coffee and French coffee occasionally in High school, b3dain towala3t bl Turkish more ;p I never add sugar to my coffee, bcoz as you say I always have a piece of chocolate that mom taught me the strategy of letting it melt blahatii lol ;p and just enjoying it, and then have a sip.. just like with arabic coffee. With Turkish coffee, coz I have it with dates ;p the only sweetened factor that goes in my coffee, is when I have a latte, I like that dab of hazelnut syrup, it give it that oomph you know? ;p

    I’m all the way with you, on the concept of coffee.. Only people who really know what coffee is all about they have it plain 😉 *high 5*

  5. you taste it better without sugar and you will know the good from bad brewing 🙂

  6. Thankfully I’m a tea fan and only have coffee if I’m stuck in a place that serves terrible tea which is very rare!

  7. wooow mashalah , i can`t drink coffee without sugar , I just can`t , but I will give it a try , and eat a sweet chocolate before I drink it , mashalah your description eshaweg

    • lalala then you’re not really drinking coffee :S try the method i’ve mentioned & u’ll see 😀

  8. SiLeNTGRL

    الحمدالله انا لا احط شكر بالقهوة ولا الشاي
    احط طعم السكر يخرب طعم الشاي والقهوة
    وكافي عليييينا الكاكاو والكيك والحلو متروس شكر 🙂

  9. Craig

    I’ve been drinking my coffee black since I was a teenager too, and I totally agree with you. The only exception I make is for Vietnamese coffee which is sweetened condensed milk over a glass full of ice with espresso dripped into it. But that’s really more of a milkshake-type drink than coffee, anyway 🙂

    • you can make exceptions for shakes if u add caramel or sweetened syrups but not to the original coffee 🙂 way to go!

  10. due to health issues i could no longer take too many sugar into my system at once so i either drink coffee with sugar or without sugar and replace it with something sweet. I usually go with caramel macchaito and that I NEVER put sugar in. but still i dont see what is the problem if a person chooses to be with or without sugar 🙂

    • well, it’s a problem for coffee addicts! see, when we watch people having sugar in their coffee, it saddens us because they’re not tasting the real essence, aroma, flavor of coffee! instead they’re ruining it! that’s why i see it as a problem! because i want people to love coffee as much as i do & enjoy its taste without hving sugar in it 😛

  11. I MISSS YOU!!!!

    I had to inform you that You have been tagged in one of my blog posts called ‘ELEVEN’. Kindly visit this link and continue the topic.

  12. i used to drink coffee with sugar, not full of sugar just add a little bit of sweetness, but recently i am drinking sugar free. bas i still prefer to add milk because black coffee blackens the teeth.

  13. Wow! You really are serious about your coffee! ;p

    I only drink Arabic coffee ❤ and green tea.. but I do agree with you sugar does ruin the real taste of drinks that's why I have my green tea without it ;p

  14. haha yes i’m pretty serious 😛

    i drink all of my drinks without sugar! much better because i can feel the real taste!

  15. Definitely no sugar.

  16. I prefer my teas without sugar, I don’t understand how people drink green tea with sugar >.< however, I've never liked coffee without sugar, maybe I should try something other than those instant coffees? I'm going to try your tip as well 🙂

    • yeah imagine green tea with sugar *eeww* … try coffee without sugar but before eat a piece of chocolate, u’ll love it 😉

  17. I remember you once telling me to try it with chocolate on twitter once, it really was good!

  18. Yuck to coffee! 😛

  19. Totally agree with you! How is your room design coming along by the way? Have a look at the latest pics on my blog and let me know if you need any help.

    • im still working on it, coz i want some pieces that i can only find in far-away places, & i kinda dont have the time :S but i will try my best!

      will check it out immediately 😀

  20. Hafsakq

    I don’t drink coffee much but have had it with sugar always … Will def try your tip and hopefully take on regular coffee drink 🙂

  21. Xander

    I love too put loads of sugar in my coffee im a coffee addict, on the other hand i only like chocolate dark 80% cocoa with very little sugar as i love the true flavour aroma of cocoa and hate cheap nasty commercial chocolate pumped full of sugar.. So i get what your saying but i still love my coffee super sweet with milk.

  22. Q

    For me it’s either black espresso or a nice cappuchino without sugar.

  23. Selena

    I mostly drink tea, and on and off coffee, but I can’t stand when someone puts sugar in their tea. It just ruins the whole thing. Especially for me. I don’t know if my tongue is selectively sensitive to sugar or something, but in herbal teas like green tea, and some coffees, I can taste if someone puts even a little bit of sugar in their tea. Its like a sickly sweetness attacked my taste buds and it always induces a slight gag reflex. And its only in teas and coffees. Other than that, I have a huge sweet tooth. But sugar definitely doesn’t belong in tea or coffee.

  24. riya

    Chhhhee … Its tastes lyk bitter n sour without sugar n milk … I tried for d first tym ….

  25. Its all about good or bad brew. Good brew produce great aroma and taste without the high degree of bitterness and acidity.

    For coffee newbies, try buy a bags of fresh grounded coffee and experimenting the preparation. The result is you will find best brew that suite you. Thanks.

  26. Cool idea! but the process of eating chocolate (unless it’s really dark) is still an unhealthy way to do it. but still it’s better than pure sugar I suppose ..

  27. Monica

    I don’t add sugar, but I add creamer.

  28. Manuel

    Whoa. I definitley need sugar. Lately ive been noticing more caucasians drink it without sugar and more hispanics and africans drink it with sugar (my own statistics lol). I can not stand that bitter taste coffee has, its almost like a cup of death for me. Love it with my milk and sugar 🙂

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