When You Want To Tell … But

Sometimes you want to share something with people who are close to you or even strangers. Sometimes talking about a certain thing brings joy & relief … But in our society, it’s a forbidden talk. People will envy you & something bad will happen to you. You’ll be jinxed, you’ll be bla bla bla! Yes we believe people may envy others but trust me not all the time. Specially when you want to talk about something very ordinary & happens to everyone in this whole world!

It’s so frustrating wallah & it pisses me off. Like when I was going to get married. “Don’t tell until 3 days after your marriage” (Grandma says). I’m like “Why? I already got married, they won’t envy me & ruin my marriage, will they? I already got married”. She replies “it’s better this way, just don’t say”. Ofcourse me published about the whole thing the very same day or the next I guess 😛

And when I got pregnant last year on September … Don’t tell & I didn’t tell! Guess what? I lost the baby … “Now, who jinxed me, & made me lose the baby?” (I said to Grandma). “It’s fate, the baby wasn’t meant to be born” (Grandma). Exactly, it’s all about fate, Allah destines every little thing in our lives. As I said, yes we have to be careful in few things, but not everything in your life!

You are traveling next week DON’T TELL

You’re buying a new car DON’T TELL

You’re buying a new bag DON’T TELL

Your husband bought you a necklace DON’T TELL

You went to dinner with your husband DON’T TELL

You got a new job DON’T TELL

Your baby is a genius DON’T TELL

Why are we alive then? so we can keep things to ourselves & live like loners?

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26 thoughts on “When You Want To Tell … But

  1. Omg this is so true ! Specially in girls world.. And It’s driving me crazy cuz I’m a talker and I share a lot.. And when I ask mom and grandma why I shouldn’t share a great news since It’s great everyone will be happy for me.. They say: ” eq’9o 7wa2jkom blketman “.. So I guess not everything is good for sharing..
    Ɓυτ what’s the use of hiding it while everyone will know about it later !

    • eee they always say that sentence (7adeeth). Okay, we will do everything in kotman, but trust me not everything is worth this secrecy!

  2. I keep on arguing with my family (and Her sometimes) about this topic. I believe what is meant to be is meant to be. Not because something bad happened to someone means it is because “somebody talked”

    Nice post

    • yes i believe in that, what is meant to be is meant to be, even if we believe in envy n evil eye. not everything!

      thnk u 🙂

  3. my point exactly, when u talk its lyk ure tryn to rub it in som1’s face bt its not lyk that at all. its just fun that ppl gt to share the important moments in your life you know?

  4. I used to be like you. Inah mo ma3qoola everything I have to hide?
    Then I read a 7adeeth “wa esta3eno 3la qatha2 7awa2ejokom bel kotman”

    Now why would the profit 3leh el 9alat wel salam say that? Lazim fee sabab… I began to shut up whenever something I really wanted was in progress… and most of the time when I don’t say anything it goes by smoothly. I suppose in a society where everyone is jealous regardless of what they have and use the word “em9eeba” instead of “masha2 Allah” its much better doing most of your work behind the scenes. Let some things slip at your own convenience but don’t say everything. Leave out a lot of details or announce whatever it is you want when you are 100% certain inah khala9 there is no way to mess that up anymore… Surat el baqara working at your home at least once a week and Surat elkahaf always on Friday are a great help as well

    • ee i know about el 7adeeth but the thing is now everything is considered secrecy in our society! killa khayfeen mn el 3een o el7asad! 9ij mathkoor bel qur2an bs mo lehadaraja! marrat eshay enarfezni, specially with family members choking me & forcing me not to tell anything about whatever!

  5. you eat,DONT TELL 😛

    well hahty salfa 6ewela yabelha ga3da ana weyach 😛

  6. SiLeNTGRL

    الناس تغيرت يا سويرة صارت ماتذكر الله
    جدامج شي وبقلبهااا شي كثر الحسد والغيرة والحقد
    اشتبين فيهم سمعي كلام اللي يحبونج احسن

    • kalamech 3en el3agel, bs fe ashya2 3adeya ta79el aw tkon 3nd elkel fa ana ashof 3adi enna netkalam feha! bs ama etha fi shay be9eerlech abnormal aw wayed 7elo o mo elkel 7a9ella hni 3ad nasket o mangol ella lama y9eer!

      elwa7d gam e5af mn ennas bs Allah mawjod!

  7. I’ve always understood it as don’t tell, as in don’t brag. Don’t go around bragging to people about all the good things taking place in your life, instead just be thankful to Allah. When you’re bragging, you’re not tspending the time you should to be thankful. If something negative or bad happens, it’s fine to talk about it, to seek support, and to reach out to others for guidance and comfort. Sharing life experiences also helps others to deal with their own pain or problems. But bragging about travel or buying a new bag? What good can that bring to anyone?

    As for people being jealous and wishing bad on you, Allah knows best. People can’t control what’s going to happen in your life, only Allah can. People are going to have bad things to say even if they don’t know you but it doesn’t change the outcome of your life.

    • yes some are considered bragging but when you wanna share with your friends that you got engaged or married, is not bragging! in our family, we should keep it to ourselves until we’re officially married so no one would give us an evil eye & ruin everything!

      Yes, exactly, what happens is destined by Allah/God & no one has any control on anything!

      bless you!

  8. I hear that all the time from my mother mostly and even when it comes to sharing with some members of the family, I keep thinking that its family no matter what I won’t get any jealousy/evil eye/etc. but she doesn’t see it that way and sometimes in some matters she’s right.

    I just think that there are some things that should remain in secret until they are fulfilled marriage, pregnancy, jobs are part of that mainly because you never know what would happen and in today’s world you have the scariest people around you. Hell there are some girls out there who when they find out who their friend is marrying they try to hook up with the husband-to-be and mess up with the whole thing so you never know in reality. And from past experience let the people who you truly trust be countable on your fingers (less than 10 or even 5 should be in your most trusted circle) that way you ensure the bestest of things because really after you graduate from college most of the friends you make are acquaintances.

    • yup, wallah kalamech 9a7! fe nas e5ar3ooon!

    • If a friend would try to hook up with the husband to be and he goes along with it — ruining the entire marriage. Then she’s the BEST friend a person could have. She’s taught you what NOT to look for in a friend OR a man. She’s opened the doors to see the truth, and protected your heart from a life with a cheating man. I say GOOD for the women who are shallow and immature enough to do that and call themselves a ‘friend’ and even BETTER for the pathetically insecure men who go along with these women who obviously have zero self respect. We can never control what other people do or how they treat us, but we can certainly control how we respond to it.

      • we didn’t mean best friends in here, it’s when we tell everyone, sm of the girls who are around you might do it! they’re not considered close friends, n that why we’re saying to keep things down & low for a while until everything is complete & official & only tell those who you can trust 🙂

  9. I agree with you, we are social beings and like to share what goes on and what’s on our minds but the problem is with our society.. people interpret things wrong and 3ala goltich ashya2 3adeya bs they make a big deal out of it o esabibonlich mashakil bil a5er.. I think the same, if it’s meant to be it will happen we can’t blame everything on “3ain” but ham I realized ina fi nas ma waraha ila il mashakil o 3awar il ras so I’d keep things to myself and pick the right people to share with ya3ni mala da3i ommat mo7amad kilha tadri o hathy galat o htheech madri sh2alifat o blah blah.. etha ta3adilat infoos inas ib our society hatheech isa3a golay ily tabeen amma al7een inas allahoma ya kafi

    • you’re totally right! but the thing is, my family won’t even tell to the closest members of our family! madre lesh? we’re not getting married to a prince or a king to be that scared from evil eye, we’re not bringing babies who will be born with diamonds or gold y3ni! we’re not getting the best job in the world & getting paid a lot of bling! Sometimes it’s very irritating everything don’t tell o dont share!

      yes fi nas warahom loya o 3war ras i get it but we also have Alla who can protect us from them by Du3a’a

  10. Girlintheyellowdress

    Why do you want to hide stuff? If I got a 100 on my test I would love to tell people, but the thing with girls is that they will get jelouse and there will be all this drama. If she got a 70 on that same test she would say “well she stole my boy friend!” and try to make me look bad BEACUSE she was not better then me. So in a way, if you know you should not say something, don’t, There is a right place and a right time for everything.

  11. Uffff! This is so true! Some things are meant to be celebrated and hard to keep to yourself. T3awadt I don’t tell things to people. But what about if you only told your closest friends? 9a7 kalamich about fate, bes your grandmas also right. Wallah 9ij fee nas 3ainha ma tir7am, w ma tathkir rabha. And even if it’s not about 3ain, they rarely keep things to themselves and before you know it, all of Kuwait knows your business :p

    • ee that’s my point fi things are meant to be celebrated bs off kella latgoleen la tetkalemeeen! yanenoni! & yeah i know about such people & they really get to my nerves bs this is life! we have to face it & accept our fate & destiny! keep things to yourself until they happen & celebrate what’s meant to be celebrated 🙂

  12. Sara

    it’s all hocus-pocus

    if the evil eye was real..

    Angelina Jolie would have choked and died by now.

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