A Year Ago … I Met Him

Time flies really REALLY so fast! I still can’t believe I got married & that we’re completing 1 year of marriage next month! On this day, last year 14-2-2011! A strange man came knocking on my door to introduce himself … later on we got married! Marriage was the last thing on my mind at that time because I thought good men didn’t exist but I guess I was wrong!

Things happen when you’re not expecting them … when you’re not nagging or whining about them … when you make peace with yourself; you’ll be content & things will happen your own way! Trust me 🙂

Happy Valentine’s All … & Happy 1st engagement anniversary to us 😉

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22 thoughts on “A Year Ago … I Met Him

  1. sultan

    best wishes all the life

  2. Awww Happy Engagement Anniversary to you guys and who knew that a year ago you would be this new Swera 😛 Hehehe allah etamem 3alaikom o ekhalekom 7ag ba3ath 😀

  3. That’s soo romantic . . . You guys meeting on Valentine’s Day awww!!:D Happy Valentine’s and anniversary!

  4. happy anniversary :**

  5. Miss Good Egg

    Allah yas3idkom enshallah. Happay Valentines Day 🙂 :****

  6. Happy anniversary! allah ytamim 3alaikm o 3iqbal il 90th inshala o 3asa ayamkm kilha afra7 ;*

  7. Allah yetamem 3alaikum bel5air w doom elmaa7aba w yerzegna weyach (I had to ad3y for roo7y) ;p

  8. sherifalqassar

    awww cute abii chethi lool , it so romantic , happy anniversary again , allah yatamim 3alaikom inshallah. oo allah e5alikom 7ag ba3th . jad this so adorable . muwaaaah ;*

  9. Happy anniversary
    Allah ywefgkom o yas3edkom ;*

  10. So true so sweet and so happy to hear you’re having good life swera, allah ydoomha 3leech dear 🙂

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