Movie Review: Agneepath

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an Indian movie, I actually kept away from them coz ta3aqdt menhom :/ Anyways, I only watch movies for 3 actors; Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor & SharuKhan. These are the only worth watching them. I’ve been waiting for this movie coz it’s Hrithik & PRIYANKA 😀 love this duo, they’re fantastic! Their acting is superb & not to mention both look hot together!

The story started on a good path, it was going very well but then it started to stretch beyond imagination! The only thing that kept me going is Hrithik 😛 & Priyanka ofcourse 😉 & The ending, my my my … i thought Indian movies passed that phase where the hero becomes superman & starts killing everyone when he’s stabbed & brutally beaten! and kills the villain at the end *cries* teshele5 mo 6abi3i enehaya! I loved the music, it was very beautiful & the songs made us dance in the theatre.

The story is about a boy who witnesses the death of his father by an evil man & vengeance becomes his main goal in his life!

i loved the guest appearance of Katrina Kaif in this song

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17 thoughts on “Movie Review: Agneepath

  1. hhaidery

    HRITHIK& PRIYANKA are all tym best ..!!
    chikni chameli was d BEST part in d movie ..

  2. My first n last Indian movie was 4 hours long! I made a vow to never ever watch an Indian movie again!

    • looool was it Devdas? hehe

    • 7amood

      let me guess.. whats your raashee..right?!

      it took me 3 days to finish that one.

      • i didnt even try to watch it, reviews said it was very bad!

      • 7amood

        all indian movies are bad.. but they are funny and sweet.

        same can be said about whats your raashee. the reason the reviews were bad was because it was waaay too long, it should have been a tv series instead, and because the ending was disappointing.

        but you should watch it for 1 reason, priyanka chopra- here is one of her 12 characters in the movie

      • khala9 if u say so, will try and watch it nshallah when i hv time! Priyanka Chopra rocks 😀

  3. 7amood

    i try to avoid indian drama/action movies. i cant take them seriously with their accent.

    i do watch indian comedy though.. watch sharu khans Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, ranbir kapoors wake up sid, and aamir khans 3 idiots.

  4. Really, great movie but not compared to OLD movie Agneepath

  5. Sunny

    This Agneepath is a remake of the Old agneepath starring Amitabh Bachan (Old one was much much better), that’s the reason why you did find the Hero getting up even after stabbed..

    I would recommend you to watch “3 Idiots” one of the best movie, you won’t regret and you won’t find any of those ridiculous fight scenes,

  6. ltv

    are you an indian?
    i am a huge fan of priyanka chopra. i would happily die if i could ever see her from atleast a 100m away! she needs to come to kuwait!
    it is actresses like her who still keep indian movies worth watching (even if the movie is 4 hours long with 17-run-around-the-tree dance routines!)

  7. ltv

    heres the link of a song with all of priyanka chopras roles in “whats your rashee?”

    how can ppl not fall in love with her!?

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