Recipe: Nutella Bread Pudding

I”m beginning to have a good relationship with the kitchen after many years of resentment & hatred, these days i’m getting closer to it & actually enjoying my time there 😉 I’ve been craving bread pudding with nutella, googled some recipes & found one which I’ve found very VERY easy to make.

You just take 3 croissants, cut them in halves, add nutella to one side, I added on both halves because I wanted it to be rich, put the halves back & cut into small pieces, add some nuts, I used almonds. Create your own custard liquid, add it, cover with foil & bake for 30 minutes, after that remove the foil & bake for 10 minutes, sprinkle some sugar powder & enjoy the taste. It was soo soooo soooooo YUMMY 😀

The Original Recipe

add alot of nutella

cut into small pieces

add almonds

add the custard & then push the bread down so it will be absorbed by the custard

enjoy it hot right out of the oven

yum yum

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26 thoughts on “Recipe: Nutella Bread Pudding

  1. From the picture it’s already look really yummy! What if it’s in my mouth *I’M MELTING*

  2. stacyblaise

    Reblogged this on stacyblaise.

  3. Miss Good Egg

    Oh no… Is this legal to eat? Looks deadly. 3alaich bil3afia :*

  4. Me NO Likey!!!

  5. wow shakla so yummy 3leech ebalf 3afya 🙂

  6. Allaaah! Definitely trying this soon!

  7. akhhh galbiii !
    teslam eedch 🙂

  8. I dunno I’d have to try it to see if its awesome or not 😛

  9. Hafsakq

    Wow yummmmmy I am gonna def try this inshalah 🙂

  10. Yum! I’m def gonna try this! 🙂

  11. ouch! heart attack! when i first saw it i thought it was some kind of lasagna 😛

  12. ;(((( dieting sucks!

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