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Book Review: The Power

Remember The Secret? The famous book which was really good? I agree the 1st book was a hit & it really helped me alot with my life & i thought the sequel “The Power” would have something special in its content . . . guess what? I was dead WRONG! One of the most deceiving books ever! It’s a copy cat of The Secret & everything is repeated inside the book. Everytime I switch to another chapter, I read the same sentences! It’s like Rhonda wanted to write something but didn’t know how to establish a 200 pages book so she kept repeating herself in every chapter! I really hated this book & now I hate Rhonda for trying to fool us into spending KD 8.750/- to buy her book so she can get richer!

The only thing i liked about this book is the quotes she used, that’s why im going to give it a star!

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Mood of The Day: International Love

Can’t stop repeating it 😀

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