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Husband’s Birthday Celebrations

Today, marks my husband’s 36th Birthday, & since this is his first celebration with me, I wanted it to be a surprise for him & kinda special 😉 Yesterday was his afternoon shift which was perfect to arrange & decorate the place without him being in the way or noticing anything. Headed to BalloonyLand to get some decoration items & balloons. Unfortunately, they were closed for inventory but stood at their doors trying to convince them to let me in. I mean i just wanted few balloons & a couple of items! Finally, they did & i appreciate more for what they did.

After that, I headed to Luscious located infront of Dasman to get some sandwiches. Their collection was very nice & cute. Got me a couple of each shaped sandwiches & then headed back home to decorate the place & wait for the cake.

I booked an appointment with A Litte Sugar almost 3 months ago, because I know she’s always booked mashallah & you can barely get an appointment. Since my husband loves to travel all the time, I decided to get him suitcase cake with a mini plane & passport with it. The flavor was red velvet with white chocolate mousse! It was sooooooo delicious! We loved it & couldn’t stop eating from it. I had troubles sleeping later on because of the amount of sugar I had in my system 😛

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