Bloggers Night Out @Vinnys_KW

A HUGE shout out to 7ajidude for a wonderful night at Vinny’s Located inside 52 Degrees.

Tonight, I really had lots of fun with my blogger mate . . . It’s fun to gather around every now & then, share our experiences, te7el6em (complain) a lil bit & just laugh at anything we say.

The team of 7ajidude blog had a competition for all baby bloggers last week & the winner was the sweet PinkGirlQ8 😀 She really deserved it coz she was such a cute adorable baby! This gathering was to celebrate her winning. There were many surprises 🙂

Now about the restaurant, I’m going to be honest with you in here, the people tried their best to make it a memorable night which was but there a couple of dishes which I didn’t like a lil bit & other dishes i’d love to visit Vinny’s again just to enjoy eating them 😉 I think they should work a lil bit harder on their sauces.

We had a very nice gift from Bakerista.

A huge cake from November Bakery

What a night 🙂

P.S. Check my HOT watermark thnx to my lady Jacqui :*

Bloggers Tags

My tag . . . do u get the “Mohawk” thingy? 😛

Cute Lujain enjoying her time

The cake pops from Bakerista

That’s supposed to be me when I was a baby 😛

Pomegranate Juice . . . yummy

Potato Crackers . . . The sauce was delicious 🙂

Forgot the name of this salad but i enjoyed eating it . . . I think I ate it all by myself 😛

Chicken with Spinach if Im not mistaken! Forgot the name but I really loved it ❤

Mushroom something . . . It was okay, loved the sauce

Spaghetti … didn’t like it!!!!

Pink Pasta . . . There was something wrong with the sauce, I didn’t like it!

Pepperoni Pizza . . . It was lovely & very light 🙂

Margarita Pizza . . . Also was good & light on the stomach 😉

Kinder Pudding . . . Was very delicious but heavy at the same time! Good dish for sharing (4 persons)

The attack phase was so fast that I couldn’t realize how did the dish become empty 😛 definitely coming back for this one 😉

Girls enjoying their time

November Bakery surprise 😀

Cute PinkGirl 😀

Loyalty discount card from Vinny’s . . . Thank You 😀

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10 thoughts on “Bloggers Night Out @Vinnys_KW

  1. Vinnys

    Was great having you though different people have different tastes and im sad you didnt like both my pastas though both are my top sellers sad too see that.
    Hope you understand

  2. Mashallah looks like a great fun outing with lots of yummy food. The Kinder pot looks deadly @@. 3alaikom bil3afia :*

  3. this is really nice gathering bloggers and meeting up. very cute girl mashAllah Lujain. The food looks really good. Gotta try it when I’m in Kuwait inshAllah

  4. 3alaikum bil3afia! 😀 The kinder pudding looks real good!

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