New Header & Avatar

Finally, like seriously FINALLY i got my own personalized header from the one & only Jacqui the creative nerdy diva 😛 I asked her like 7 months ago, exactly on May 2011 *sniff* & today I just got it (Thank God 😛 ). We were working on it all night for the last couple of days. I gotta tell you, this lady is such a creative header creator 😛 I love her ideas & thoughts. She understands exactly what you want/need & can literally transform it.

I’m in LOVE with my new header. Adore it . . . I can feel myself inside there with all the elements surrounding me :D. The owls, the books, the coffee, 30 Seconds To Mars, luggage, my marriage date, shopping bags etc. I will also order gelaskins for my iPad & Mac Pro with the same design of the header which I will get later on nshallah 😀

Thank You Juju :* Love you Gurl 😀

Check me out with my owl & books . . . It’s my awesome avatar 😀

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53 thoughts on “New Header & Avatar

  1. Allah!!! I love it! 😀

  2. husain

    surperb header.. super like ..!!

  3. Mabrooook! It looks so sexy! And what do you think of the background?! Mo bas sayer kha6eeeeeeer ela obo om el kha6ar!! 😛

    P.S. The owls ely waraitech yahom tara kel wa7ed fehom eshaweg akthar mn el thany LOL! So never worry you can always rotate them as you wish! 😛

    O Eshda3wa no need for thanks ma sawaina shay hehe 😛 I’m just glad you loves it!

    • allah ybarek feeeeeeeeeech 7beeebty :* wallah i swear i just wanna hug my screen & sleep hehe 😀

      kel shahren we change the owl 😛

      Sure i loveS it, you created it lady 😉

      • P.S. Tadreen mno we forgot?

        My sister #4, 7ajebatich hehehe o labesatich ban6alooon! 😛 Without her then the whole header wouldn’t have worked sa7? 😛

      • eee 9a7 maga9erat wallah 😀

  4. 3ajeeeb (Y) .. & Nice Background 10/10 ..

  5. love love LOVE!

  6. It looks amazing! Great job Jacqui! I love the little details (bulletin board/photo/phone/etc.)! After 7 months, it’s quite a great achievement 😉

    Mabrook Swera! 😀 I love your avatar too!

    • 7 months i’ve been nagging at her to create it but she made that in 2 days 😛

      allah ybarek feech & thank u so much 😉

      • Hehehe what the Header is a premie! 😛 I just gave birth to the idea!

        And you know what the say, it’s the little details that matter not the big ones 😛 They make up the big picture!

      • exaaaactly 😛

  7. great design, congrats 🙂

  8. Standy

    i was loving it till i found out who made it :p

    la all jokes aside, it looks amazing that i am so jeoulse now!!

    finally you got a spot on banner!

  9. I have one word for u… AWESOME!!!
    I especially liked the wedding photo…. that is a very nice touch.

  10. nice cute design

  11. Miss Good Egg

    And the scotchtape on the side, cute touch! Mabrook Sweara and Jax u shud seriously do this as a side business. What happened to ur project with Ananya? 7aram, u have a talent. Use it! 🙂

  12. mabroook, love it! akeed ma ra7 tghayrena?

    • heheehe la i wont 😛 khala9 hatha thabet! i was waiting for smth like that 😉

      allah ybarek feech :*

      • She will have seasonal changes obviously but the layout structure is there for the next year or more at least 😛

      • la forever nshallah! but we might add few things 😉

  13. I LOVE THEM ❤ !!
    amazing new look ..

  14. Loving it (^0^)
    I want one!

  15. 3AJEEEEEEEB 😀 love it! again, sexy J created a sexy design 😉 mbrook Swear 🙂

  16. 7amood

    love the design… kudos to jacqui

  17. Mashallaaaaaaa!! it looks so good
    I love it

  18. Happy New Year Swera! I love the new banner. I laughed when I saw it because I knew that the lovely and talented Jacqui must have designed it. And I’ve been begging her *I’m a stalker* to do one for me. She is so talented and really captured your personality that you let shine on your amazing blog. Congratulations on your amazing year! 🙂

    Jacqui ~ Don’t be surprised if around 1,000 US forces (Hunks 😉 show up at your door tonight and beg you to do a banner for me. heehee 😉

  19. Designer

    Mashallah mashallaaah raw3aa!! love the colors! the balance of the design and the details u have! its really beautiful and unique! r u wearing 7ijab in the drawing or is that ur hair? coz the three lines on the right looks weird, and why dont you make your husband in the wedding picture wearing dishdasha 😀 that will look more personalized! But totally love the design girl, U GOT TALENT

  20. I love your new header and overall look! ♥

  21. Cuuuuute!! Cherry on top of a great blog! Keep it up babe, and amazing work juju Xx

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