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Recipe: Nutella Bread Pudding

I”m beginning to have a good relationship with the kitchen after many years of resentment & hatred, these days i’m getting closer to it & actually enjoying my time there 😉 I’ve been craving bread pudding with nutella, googled some recipes & found one which I’ve found very VERY easy to make.

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Naranj Experience

Today, we decided to try a new place, a new cuisine for lunch! I suggested to try out the Syrian Restaurant Naranj located in Olympia Mall. The place was really huge & it had this Syrian atmosphere with mini fountains in the middle, so cute. Once we were seated, the waiter came & opened a bottle of water which we didn’t ask for … I got pissed off because I hate this kind of moves, tricking you to accept the bottle of water when you didn’t even mention it. I asked for the manager & asked him “Is the water complimentary?” He said “No”, “Then why did he open when we didnt ask for it?”. He apologized for what happened & said he should have asked you before opening it!

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Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep

I managed to finish this book in around 4 days exactly! I couldn’t keep it down! I got hooked from the very beginning … it moves quickly & there’s no single page that makes you feel bored! Every single page is worth reading!

I loved the story, somehow new & creative … unpredictable! Very compelling! The climax was mind blowing & it took me by surprise.

The story is about a woman named Christine who wakes up everyday forgetting who she is or to be precise, forgetting the last 20 yrs of her life & not recognizing the man in her bed, her husband! While she deals with her life, her memory loss, what has led her to this stage! She starts to doubt everything & not trust her own husband!

This is a must read book

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Danderma’s Coffee Course Graduating @ Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Today, we attended Danderma‘s Coffee Graduation after training for one week at Gloria Jean’s Coffees. She served all the bloggers coffees made by her. I ordered double shot skimmed milk cappuccino & it was PERFECTO 😉

They surprised us with customized coco powder on our coffees 😀 The atmosphere was fun & vivid! Danderma was busy busy behind the counter trying to manage all the bloggers’ orders 😛 we hardly had a decent chat with her! But she mastered it! She’s gonna open her own coffee chain soon 😀

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3ateeja’s Blog Competition

What to do ?

send me an email :

-your real name “will not be published ”

-The name of your businesses

-3 to 4 lines about your businesses

-include pictures of your product

i’ll post about each business and the readers will vote for the best business

The prize:

-Free ad space for one month plus a surprise gift




مسابقه تدعم المشاريع الصغيره الكويتيه


“الاسم الحقيقي “لن ينشر

اسم المشروع-

صور للمشروع-

نبذه قصيره عن المشروع-

سيتم عرض جميع المشاركات والتصويت من قبل قراء المدونة –


مساحه اعلانيه مجانا لمدة شهر وهديه اخرى

المسابقه تشمل جميع انواع المشاريع سواء تصميم ملابس, تصميم مواقع او اعلانات طبخ تصوير او اي فكره اخرى مبتكره

آخر يوم لإرسال المشاريع

تاريخ 26\1\2012

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Book Review: The Royal Wedding

I’m really into Royalties & Celebrities. I love reading about them specially those fairytales with pictures & let me assure you this book is full of interesting PICTURES.

It talks about the upbringing of William in the Palace , how Diana took care of her boys in her own way not caring about the Royal family. She didn’t want her boys to be stiff like stones without feelings, she didn;t want to raise them like that so she took good care of them. It also talks about the paparazzi, how it lead to Diana’s death & how it affected both boys. William growing u, going to college, being reluctant to trust people around him, getting used to others coming to him every now & then.

After that it talks about Kate, her upbringing, how her great great family were poor & how they became rich! How she was raised taught & then about her life in college.

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Swera’s Gelaskins

So after i got my blog personalized, the lovely Jacqui suggested that I get the Gelaskins to complete the whole set & so I said yes coz she can make things so tempting 😛 Today I got the package & let me tell you it’s HOT! Full of seduction & sexiness hehe! I wanna hug them all & not leave them at all! Aren;t they lovely?

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My Previous Work-Media Box (The Avenues Magazine)

Well, everybody by now knows that there’s a magazine for The Avenues Mall which has just been published (Issue 1). Remember the work that I left & I was in love with? Well, i was working on this exact magazine at Media Box Publishing Company. I left for reasons I will not mention respecting the people I worked with.

Now, the magazine is out & it has been sent to some certain bloggers! To be honest, I dunno who’s responsible for the distributions. If it was The Avenues they can’t be blamed but if it’s Media Box then WTH? Why haven;t I received a copy after this hard work on issue 1?

Not sending me a copy or even telling me it’s out there?! Why?

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Sanrio-Hello Kitty Store (The Avenues)

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Dip n Dip Experience

I had the chance to try the newly opened cafe Dip n Dip at The Avenues-Phase 2 just near That Alsalasil. Gotta say the place was crowded mashallah & their dessert was amazing! It was as if you’re in heaven. The prices were reasonable! What I didn’t like is their lack of cleanness! Our drink came with chocolate on it, the bill leather holder came with chocolate on it & when I showed it to the waiter he just looked at me & continued his was way taking our empty plates! *rolls eyes*

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Car Explosion Infront of Our House :/

While I was enjoying my time watching TV Shows, I heard  a sound of a big explosion around 8pm (just now)! At first I was too lazy to get up & check it but then I headed to the window & opened . . . to my shock there was a car burning just infront of our house/garage! I got really scared that it might lead to a bigger explosion & affect our cars! but thank god another car stopped & put the fire down! 7 minutes after that, the fire truck arrived with an ambulance & police officers.

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Book Review: The Power

Remember The Secret? The famous book which was really good? I agree the 1st book was a hit & it really helped me alot with my life & i thought the sequel “The Power” would have something special in its content . . . guess what? I was dead WRONG! One of the most deceiving books ever! It’s a copy cat of The Secret & everything is repeated inside the book. Everytime I switch to another chapter, I read the same sentences! It’s like Rhonda wanted to write something but didn’t know how to establish a 200 pages book so she kept repeating herself in every chapter! I really hated this book & now I hate Rhonda for trying to fool us into spending KD 8.750/- to buy her book so she can get richer!

The only thing i liked about this book is the quotes she used, that’s why im going to give it a star!

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