Nailtini Rip OFF Experience

Yesterday, I went to Nailtini for the 1st time because the nail spa i always go to was closed and because this one was the closest to my house. Let me tell you what a rip off experience i had . . . Everything was perfect, the treatment, the lady who did my nails was an expert, the coloring, the mood, everything was perfect except for that they charge their customers for everything . . . literary for everything which made me feel it was a cheap move from the nail spa.

* I chose the Strawberry Truffle Tini Mani/Pedi which was around KD 20/-

* They charged me KD 1/- for the filing tools, which you usually get for free in every nail spa. They asked me if i want a new one, i have to pay, if i don’t then they will use the used ones *rolls eyes* . . . Seriously? What kind of a spa that uses the same filing tools over and over again? & charge their customers for new ones? They don’t even cost 200 fils & you’re taking KD 1? and note that my treatment costs KD 20/- !!!!!

* They charge their customers for the drinks *frowns* SERIOUSLY????? Other salons offer cupcakes, snacks & drinks for free & you’re charging KD 1/- for a cappuccino? Only this treatment that has a complimentary drink but the rest are not for free? This is how you treat your customers? I was really shocked when they said “you’ll pay for the cappuccino”.

Note: Your customers are not cheap people, they’re paying alot of money to get pampered & enjoy themselves, if you’d have added extra KD2 to the treatment we would have paid gladly, instead of charging us for everything . . . 

* The cream they used was not good, very watery & poor. They should have used a better quality, a rich creamy moisturizer would have done the job better.

The people were good there, my treatment was perfect but I didn’t like the policy & style of the salon, therefore, i’m not setting foot in it again.

The Apple treatment has a complimentary apple & The Strawberry one has a complimentary hot chocolate (It says chocolate truffles but it turned out to be hot chocolate)

My complimentary drink

My KD 1/- which i had to pay for

My filing tools which i had to pay KD1/- just to get new ones . . .

My treatment

my feet wrapped after being scrubbed

Applying chocolate mask on my hands

Loved the final look

but as i said, didn’t love how the spa treated their customers

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24 thoughts on “Nailtini Rip OFF Experience

  1. The final look looks pretty but if they charge you for everything, I’m very sure other nail spas would give the royal treatment without bugging you to pay for this and that..!!

  2. their nail art sample 3jebeen 😀

  3. Wow, I’ve never heard of any salon that does that :/

  4. dee

    tabeen ilsadma ! they charge for water!! abraj water

  5. Saku

    Their Nail Art samples r awful ;~;

  6. girla

    ادفع حق قهوتي والعدة خير انشاءالله ليش وحتى الماي بعد
    يازين باجي الصالونات يدلعوونج اخر دلع بس علشان تصيرين زبونه دايمة عندهم واتييبين لهم زباين

    • ee wallah wenty e9aja! wayed 9alonat yabon ra7at zbayenhom o esawolhm wayed ashya2 bs 3shan ra7at’hom o hni y7asbonech 3la bo6el elmay :/

  7. Now that’s bad business!

  8. mnmn

    حده اي شي زين سويتي ريفيو عشان يعرفون الناس مايروحوله

  9. Men 9ijhom !!!!!!!!!
    kel nail spa yeft7on new tools for free o hathola ykhlonch tdf3en !!
    LAISH ???!
    daf3a 20 KD 7g shno 3yal !!

    • enty 5alli hatha b9ooob! they charge for drinks & water . . . ay shay 😛

      KD 20 bs 3shan yal65oni bel kakaw 😀

  10. dalal

    You should have gone downstairs straight into the boudoir salon, i always go there for all my beauty needs! the nail area is too die for and the staff are soo sweet plus they dont charge extra for anything,,they usually have fresh chocolate chip cookies home made that are yummy!! I always go to lordess for any nail art i want to try she is really an artist,, Better luck next time

    • egololech kel 6rag eb t3loma 😛

      thank u for letting me know about The Boudoir, i should hv gone there bs ma3aleh elmarra elyaya 😉

  11. dalal

    Thats true 🙂 trust me you wont regret it :*

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