Milk Experience

Yesterday, I met with JacquiLujain, and their sisters at Milk to have breakfast and enjoy our time 😀 The place was very crowded *mashallah* (Ma3ndehom dawamat ennas wela sheno?) We found 2 available tables, joined them together and started ordering. The decoration was nice, the place was small but cozy. The food was delicious and yummy. Loved the hot chocolate dippers, very yummy and creative selection of chocos.

What I didn’t like is the very VERY slow service of the cafe, they were very slow, the waiters very disoriented, as if they were in another planet and they made alot of mistakes, not just one; They forgot 1 dish, forgot 1 drink, and at the end they gave us the change of another table before taking the money from us!!!!!

Wish they would train their employees better and make their service faster and better. Other than that the place is good.

Manchego Scrambled Eggs

Sunny Side Up

Lulu’s dish, Manchego Scrambled Eggs also 😉

Nutella Crepes; Yummy But very heavy

Hot White Chocolate with Saffron (Amazzzzing)

take a look at the Saffron


Yellowish hot chocolate 😀

Lujain’s hot chocolate

Got myself some dippers take away 😀

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4 thoughts on “Milk Experience

  1. It was an awesome breakfast 😛 Hehe breakfast at 11 LOL! Hehehe bs yeah I was shocked at how crowded it was!

    And my sisters loved meeting you! It was absolutely FUN!

  2. Miss Good Egg

    Oh God! The chocolate/saffron dippers look really good mashallah! 3alaikom bil3afia.

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