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Movie Review: The Help

The Help is a drama movie based on the novel The Help. It talks about the black ladies who were being used as maids and how they’re living in hell serving white women. Not all of them ofcourse but many. Starring Emma Stone (Skeeter) Viola Davies (Aibileen), Bryce Dallas Howard (Hilly) and Octavia Spencer (Minny).

I loved the book so much that i couldn’t wait til the movie was out. Hilarious by all means. All actors portrayed their characters perfectly except for Skeeter, wished it was Nicole Kidman but Emma Stone did good. Minny & Hilly drove me to tears from laughter, these 2 characters were really insane.

The movie is a must watch 😀

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Wrong Answer & You’re Doomed

That’s just indescribable

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Milk Experience

Yesterday, I met with JacquiLujain, and their sisters at Milk to have breakfast and enjoy our time 😀 The place was very crowded *mashallah* (Ma3ndehom dawamat ennas wela sheno?) We found 2 available tables, joined them together and started ordering. The decoration was nice, the place was small but cozy. The food was delicious and yummy. Loved the hot chocolate dippers, very yummy and creative selection of chocos.

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