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December I Hate You

This year has been really really great for me. From the beginning up til this month, where everything started to deteriorate. Why December why? I’m going through some crisis this month that I’m trying to over come. Every now & then I feel I’m gonna give up but somehow something is holding me back! I’m tired, very very tired & I don’t know for how long will I survive this or for how long will this crisis continue in my life. And no it’s not about my marriage (I know what you’re thinking reader 😛 )

I have strong faith that it will end sooner or later but will I have the will to go through it. I feel sharp thorns are poking me from everywhere & I can’t get them out of me. I keep praying to Allah hoping for a way out.

I’ve been very emotional & nervous since the beginning of this month. I cry watching, reading or hearing anything. I’d cry hearing the prayer while I’m at work, i’d cry reading Dua’s sms on whatsapp. Everything would literary make me cyr. And i also get angry on everything or anything I see infront of me.

Please, Allah make this month go away & along with crisis & bring me a brighter one.

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ZeeBrgr Experience

Last night, I had the chance to try the new burger restaurant which has just opened at The Palms Hotel & Resort, created by the same people of MAKI (You can feel the Japanese taste in their food).

The restaurant was decorated in red & black (or dark brown) colors which made it very warm & cozy. The menu was listed on iPads which is a great idea, you can see how your order looks like (Hate menus without pictures) and choose whatever you like.

P.S. The variety of the menu is kinda limited, hope they’ll add more items/dishes to it. A little bit pricey hope they’ll consider that point later on.

Now, let’s come to the food. Everything was delicious, the taste of everything was creative & new. It’s not what you always eat in other restaurants. I mean who would mix Raspberry sauce with peanut butter in a salad? Guess what, it was yummmmmy 😀

At the end, they served us a complimentary dessert dish which was OH LA LA LA. Thank you ZeeBrgr for a lovely night & dishes. Will be coming back for sure 😉



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I Want: Her Dress

Which will never fit me even in my 7th dream

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