Gift Gallery Surprise

Last night, I got an sms from dear lil sister telling em she got me smth. I asked her what is it? She said I’ll know when she comes back. You’ve got to be kidding me, right? I hate it when some1 does that to me. It’s either you keep it to yourself & surprise me when you come back or just tell me what you got me. Why the torture?!

She came back after 1hr & a half. Totti (the maid) comes knocking on our door holding a huge bag & then I have this face –> 😀 I love gifts, I really love them, they make my day happier than ever 😛

When I opened it, I saw these huge engraved rounded woody wall plaques or decors (dunno what they call them actually). “Allaho Akbar” & “Masha’a Allah” are engraved on a very heavy wood. I couldn’t carry each one in one hand for more than a few seconds.

I loved them, loved the engraving, & they actually have a place to be hanged. There’s this corner on the wall that’s empty & I was wondering what to do with it.These 2 beauties came to conquer that place.

Thanx sister :*

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2 thoughts on “Gift Gallery Surprise

  1. Looks beautiful mashalla! 3alaich bl 3afya :*

    And I too am like you when it comes to people telling me I’ve got a surprise for u! Either tell me or shut up and don’t get me anxious.

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