Owls & Chocolate At Life With Cacao

I remember visiting @LifeWithCacao last year for the first time. I ordered the Bird Chocolate Nest & instantly fell in love with it. But then failed to visit it again due to my nasty working hours & life chaos. Anyways, today we decided to visit it again (1st time for my husband) & we tried new stuff. I was feeling like I’m in the right place, I can live in this Cafe forever. It was filled with OWLS everywhere (I’m sure by now you know how much I love owls). I can’t remember if the owls were there last year or not but now i can see them clearly. It was like heaven to me.

Loved the menu very much, the variety of dishes, the colors & its design ❤ We ordered The White Square, The Dome, Green Tea & Turkish Coffee. I wanted to steal the Turkish Coffee Cup (You’ll know why later). I swear I was holding it very close to my heart & didn’t want to let go. I LOVED it. Too bad it wasn’t for sale 😦

Was looking through my old posts & found that there was no owls there. My First Visit

Let’s have a look at the restaurant & our order

Chocolate animals . . . I see a big owl 😀

Owls inside the menu

Owls inside the menu again 😀

Who’s gonna eat the mighty?

Time for monkeyssssssss

Owls are the kings of the menu 😉

Cats also have a place

My Turkish Coffee . . . El cup eshaaaaaaweg . . . I’m in LOVVVVVVE ❤

My Husband’s Green Tea

The White Square . . . Yummmy & somehow light

The Dome . . . The Mighty . . . The Beast . . . MINE

Filled with Chocolate & Mango Mousse . . . Love fruits inside the chocolate. They should create another one filled with Raspberry mousse . . . It will be AM-AZ-ZING

Mini Chocolates filled with White Chocolate, Caramel & Dark Chocolate

abeeeeeee el cup, plzzzz sell it! i realllyyyyy want it

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8 thoughts on “Owls & Chocolate At Life With Cacao

  1. Droooooools!
    I soo wanna go there now and OD on chocolate !
    YUM !

  2. i like their cookie fondant 😀

  3. I love their desserts!

  4. You were going crazy with the owls weren’t u?! Oh and btw your owl case should be here by monday hopefully 😛

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