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You’ll Always Be Remembered

6 years ago on this exact date, I lost a very close person to my heart. My mother. I lost a very caring mother, very strict, very nice, very kind, a very high tempered mother which made us love her more & more & laugh at her when she gets angry at us or at my dad.

6 years ago I lost to bloody cancer. I felt lost, no words could ever describe my feeling that day. They said it would get easier. blah, little they knew. Things get harder & even shopping seems to be a very difficult task to do on my own.

6 years ago, I lost contact with the only person who listened to me carefully. Who had a warm heart that can tolerate such a stubborn head. Who always wanted to see me settled down with a husband who would love me, respect me & cherish our life.

6 years later, I can’t tell her about the happiest moment of my life. I can’t tell her I’m happily married. I can’t tell her about our laughs & arguments. I can’t tell her that I’m living in the apartment she thought about & created for my lil bro & that now it’s being occupied by me. i can’t tell her about our trips & adventures. I can’t tell her that he actually made me go diving & my PADI license. I can’t tell her that i’m actually COOKING delicious dishes. I can’t tell her that i’m taking care of a lil home by my own.

Trust me . . . It doesn’t get easier.

You will be missed Mamaty :*

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Coming Soon; Luxury Online Store In The Middle East

Coming Mid-December 2011

” Lemuda will feature high-end fashion accessories and will give its customers an opportunity to build their own unique style by mixing and matching highly discounted designer products with easy-to-wear brands. Our guiding mantra is “fashion fades, style remains “, in the words of Miss Coco Chanel.”



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Owls & Chocolate At Life With Cacao

I remember visiting @LifeWithCacao last year for the first time. I ordered the Bird Chocolate Nest & instantly fell in love with it. But then failed to visit it again due to my nasty working hours & life chaos. Anyways, today we decided to visit it again (1st time for my husband) & we tried new stuff. I was feeling like I’m in the right place, I can live in this Cafe forever. It was filled with OWLS everywhere (I’m sure by now you know how much I love owls). I can’t remember if the owls were there last year or not but now i can see them clearly. It was like heaven to me.

Loved the menu very much, the variety of dishes, the colors & its design ❤ We ordered The White Square, The Dome, Green Tea & Turkish Coffee. I wanted to steal the Turkish Coffee Cup (You’ll know why later). I swear I was holding it very close to my heart & didn’t want to let go. I LOVED it. Too bad it wasn’t for sale 😦

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