Healthy Food @ Work?

Many of us work 8 hrs per day 5 days per week. So am I, I work from 9 til 5 everyday & I get really really hungry sometimes. I munch on whatever is available down the street & trust me it’s not health at all. We have a supermarket that is filled with alot of un healthy food. Cafes & many many restaurants. It’s Salem Almubarak Street after all.

I googled a little bit about some healthy snacks that can be eaten at work & decided to have them at work. I’m trying to lose weight in a healthy way.

Starting on Sunday nshallah 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Healthy Food @ Work?

  1. Kuwait is stuffed with unhealthy foods 😦 even grills are full of fat

  2. Miss Good Egg

    Ya36eech il3afia. How about packing something from home? Carrots, grapes, apples or a sandwich.

  3. I just can’t handle it when you travel for a long period of time you lose weight, when you are in kuwait you blow up like a balloon :/

  4. جربي اكل الرجيم الجاهز سوالف امريكانا ، دايت كير وغيرهم
    انا جربتهم والله نزلت جم كيلو

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  6. HAHAHA 7beet isoora! since i’m on diet too…
    keraht nfsee 7seet elmetn ele fene mn hl ashyaa kilha 😦

    fruit, frozen yogurt, 1 toast , light cheese, granola bars and fresh juice

    inshallah this time will kick diet a** *keep you’re fingers crossed*

  7. thats how i look under my skin hahaha

  8. I used to eat whatever I want and never gained weight.. until I started working and eating healthier.
    I realized it was all about how active I was. Try walking now that the weather is beaituful

    • 9a7 i remember when i used to do house chores i lost alot of weight but lately i’ve been very lazy 😛

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