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Lavender Cookies: Thank You Alnoury :*

Thank you Thank you Thank you my lovely blogger mate Alnoury for those amazing Lavender Cookies. 9ij maga9artay 🙂

Yesterday I saw her post a picture of Lavender Cookie Jar in Instagram & I went droooooling over them. I actually go drooling on anything that has Lavender, Red Velvet, & Coffee! Cannot resist them.

Woke up in the morning to find an email from sweet Alnoury :* telling me she’ll be sending me some 😀 & i got them around 6pm today.

They were delicious, I told my husband to come & taste them & he said “Whaaat? sheno taste? tasting means eating 1 piece . . . tell me; come & join me lol”

We really loved them & I dont think they’ll last till tomorrow hehe!

Yezach allah alf alf 5er 3la hal neq9a :*

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I Want: Kate Spade

Shop Kate Spade

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Project Cupcake-Dubai

After long hours of shopping in Dubai Mall, I really wanted to rest a bit & I saw this place infront of me. What’s better than a red velvet cupcake and a shot of espresso to relax while you stare at the things you’ve purchased 😛

I haven’t read about this place at all, so I said why not try it out. They have a wide range of cupcakes & drinks also. I ordered Red Velvet & Espresso. It was delicious & very moist, loved it. Their seating are is not that big but they have huge sofas which are very comfy.

It’s located in Dubai Mall near H&M & above Candylicious

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