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Who Should Name The Baby?

Who do you think should name the baby? The father or the mother?

For me it should be the mother who should name the baby . . . Poor Mama, she gets pregnant, suffers from the worst feeling ever, worst pain in life, mood swings, swollen feet & tummy and swollen everything in her actually 😛 Back pain, not being able to sleep right, not being able to eat right, to enjoy life as she used to, not being able to go out or having fun sometimes . . . and not to mention the BIG EVENT, when the little creature pops his head out … after all that suffering for 9 months, I think it’s her right to name the baby whether it’s a boy or girl.

I hate when fathers interfere in naming the baby, yes we know you’ll be paying for everything but come on, that doesn’t cost that much pain! Yes it hurts to cut a small amount from your account but after all it’s going for the sake of your kid. And the physical & mental pain that the mother went through CAN NOT be compared to your financial pain if you want to consider that as a pain a9lan.

I remember my husband interfering in the baby’s name when I was pregnant. I told him you name the boy & I name the girl . . . Do you know what he said?

“I have to approve on the name of the girl, she’s carrying my name after all & I don’t want to embarrass her with one of your modern names”

*Gaga Face*

I went along with him & it took me a while to convince him. It’s a name from the Holy Quran & he has to approve on it! Anyways, too soon to talk about such things but I’m really hoping & praying for a kid. I feel a real heart ache when seeing a baby picture.

So, conclusion: Mothers should be naming their babies . ..  Fathers move out 😀

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Ivanka Trump Private Event-Kuwait

I was also invited to the private event of The Launch of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry at 360 Mall in the exhibition area. It was very very crowded, so many people were invited for this private event i guess, I managed to snap some pictures, only stayed 15 minutes & then left. Couldn’t stand the crowd.

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