My Owl T-Shirt :)

My dear highschool friend Marawei got me this BEAUTIFUL Owl T-Shirt from the USA! The gurl knows how to make me smile 😀 I just love owls, I buy anything that has an owl on it or shaped as an owl!

It started as a tease by my family calling me “Saroo yal Owl” as in “Sarah yal boma” coz I hated to go out to gatherings or weddings! Basically, I hated big events & people 😛 so they used to call me like that but then I actually fell in love with this beautiful bird & started collecting stuff that has its picture on it! 😀

Jameeeeela 😉

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6 thoughts on “My Owl T-Shirt :)

  1. Looks cute!

  2. tanya1234

    wonderful would like one

  3. Marwa

    Same mistake again!! 😛

    KG Friends law sama7ty Highschool Only! 😛 😀

    3aleech eb alf 3afya honey.. testahleen akthar min chethy 😉

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