Evening Desert Safari-Dune Bashing -Dubai

I’m a very coward person, I get really scared easily. I hate heights, elevators, roller coasters , planes & things that I feel that they’re dangerous & might lead to my death. Dune bashing is one of them; I love to do crazy new stuff, but not deathly stuff y3ni! Husband insisted on going on this trip & said it will be fine. I swear, the whole way to the desert from Dubai to Sharja, for more than 1 hr, I’ve been praying & reciting some verses of the Quran thinking I might not live. šŸ˜›

We get inside the sand & the crazy driving starts, I literary felt my whole body spinning that I couldn’t get out of the car when we stopped at the top of a hill to take some pictures. It was very scary, I was the only one in the car who’s in shock & making funny voices. I felt embarrassed coz there was this British lady with us, she didn’t make a sound at all, she was actually having fun. I was having fun but the scary kind, she wasn’t.

I gotta say it was one hell of an adventure, loved every bit of it, thank god I got out alive. The scenes we’ve seen were very beautiful, the weather was awesome, our driver Ashraf (Indian) was a lunatic, he did stuff, other cars didn’t do. It was awesome. After that we headed to the camp in Dubai to have dinner (new post coming).

Let me show you some pix;

Ashraf; the driver

First stop before going inside the desert

Second stop before the real thing

Please mind my butchered feet & take a look at the red sand, beautiful ā¤

and here we go . . .

One hell of a ride

3rd stop

Some people actually went down there with there cars :S

Another scary ride


heading down to the road

Funny way to park

Heading to the camp . . .

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23 thoughts on “Evening Desert Safari-Dune Bashing -Dubai

  1. Miss Good Egg

    Beautiful shots mashallah. My favorite is the 8th picture from the top.They have one of the most beautiful deserts I’ve seen. I went camping there earlier this year with a group of friends. It was scary how dark it gets at night but immensely enjoyable. Like you said, the color of the sand is amazing. You had the guts to do it, that counts hehe. Looks like a lot of fun.

    • Yeah their desert is amazing, very very beautiful mashallah.

      You went camping there? n u stayed at night? i’d never do that lol so scary :S

  2. where’s the party!

  3. Crazy husband of yours! How dare he do that to my gentle and sweet Swera! šŸ˜›

  4. It’s a remarkable experience , you should not forget it at all šŸ˜›

  5. great pics….

  6. i think i want to do this on my birthday!

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  8. inzeen shloon , i want more details, a7jez gabelha bwagt wala keef?

  9. Fakhir Khan

    These pictures are very nice. I really want to go their after seeing these photos.

  10. Wao great pictures! Its so amazing to just fel the happiness of others, i really love the way you and your husband potray the whole trip in pictures. Great job, keep going ! Amazing and adventurous trip. Desert Safari Dubai is so amazing

    • Oh yeah it was so much fun ,,, I wanna do it again with my baby girl when she grows a lil bit more šŸ˜€

  11. it look to much fun, pictures are very nice look amazing…

  12. Amazing post as it shows how much you enjoyed in the desert.

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