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O’de Rose-Dubai

I came to know about O de Rose by coincidence, can’t actually remember from where. When i checked their website, I instantly fell in love with their home interior designs & the other stuff they have. I’ll be moving from my current apartment to another one & I was planning to change the decoration a lil bit. So i thought why not drop by & get some stuff for my new home?

I emailed them & asked for directions. To my luck, it was very close to our hotel, just 5 minutes drive by car & easy to get to. The place was very beautiful & dazzling, I wanted to buy everything if i had the money (went to it last thing) but I’m planning to visit it again & again when I go to Dubai next time nshallah 🙂

The prices were somehow reasonable, some are expensive some are affordable. Their collection is magnificent, from Turkey & Lebanon, & they have everything for every corner in your home 😉

Check the place & what i got 😀

The entrance

neat seatings

The fountain

Let’s go inside . . .


The clothes collection they have

I fell in love with those Evil Eye Estikanas in their amazing colors but unfortunately I didn’t hv a place for them in my bag 😦

Elegant corner

I love these things, got 2 of them

Nice stuff

eyannenoooooon . . . got the Um Kalthoum Tray

el alwaaan 3ajeeeba


I wanted to buy this set but it was VERY expensive, gelt mayeswa now for an apartment y3ni

My bag 😀

What I got; Hind Rustum evil eye tray & Um Kalthum’s also  …

Colorful glasses, will use them for tea 🙂

got 6 Neon Coasters 😀 that match the glasses

I got these to hang on the wall

What do u think? 😉

Can’t wait to use them 😀

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Dubai Airshow-Indoors Part 1

As I said earlier, we were heading to Dubai for the sake of this show which my husband is a regular visitor to it every 2 years! We purchased our tickets for this show last August & were ready for the show. I have to say something; The staff at the exhibition were very helpful, BUT there twitter account sucked because no one was answering me & the lady Sheena who’s supposed to reply to public emails completely ignored us when i sent her an email requesting a map coz we were supposed to drive there but then we decided to take the metro, more fun 😀

We reached Terminal 1 around 10:30 & headed there by Taxi! The place was very organized & well prepared. Crowded but we managed to get our badges fast coz we already had Q-Jump numbers. The security was very high & the machines were very precise in detecting anything!

I took many many pictures, I want you to see every bit of that amazing exhibition therefore i’ll divide the show to 2 parts (Indoors & Outdoors) & each post also will be divided to 2 parts! What can I do, the show was big, huge & so many things to look at & take pictures of!

Let’s take a walk around the exhibition, shall we . . .

You insert your 3 Q-Jump number here

& you wait

Voila . . . mn ayam Zajil 😛

Security Check

Emirates Airways

Their corner

Their Official Store

A fancy plane in the middle of the hall

From the back

Loved their booth

The exhibition newsletter

Like it?

How about from the inside? 😉

Huge Engine

Colorful plane



From the inside

Wanna start a war?

Loved the display


Boeing planes


What it can carry 😀

more Fighters

US Air Force

End of Part 1 🙂

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