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Kill Me Aramex

This is not the 1st post i write about my frustration from the turtle-like service from Aramex! Nor it will be the last coz as we can see, they keep on frustrating their customers without caring about their satisfaction! & I’m not the only blogger who wrote & will keep writing about their service!

My camera lens has been rotting & producing eggs in customs for freaking 11 days! Now, Aramex what’s your part in here? Aren’t you supposed to facilitate the procedure with sleepy-customs & get it out fast? Aren’t we paying you to do so?!

I called on Wed & the lady told me it will be out probably on Sat. Nothing . . . I call on Sat, the lady says it will be out probably on Sun! Nothing again. I called today early morning (after waiting 20 min online) & the lady says there’s still NO UPDATE.

Guess what? Husband went to customs & said it’s Aramex man you should be talking to. He was sitting there, my husband went to talk to him about our package but he wouldn’t open his mouth! He told us to talk to sm1 called Murad! We try to call Aramex again but with no answer! for more than 1 hr no one is answering the god damn phone!

Are we done? not yet! Husband goes to Aramex headquarters, starts screaming & guess what? a guy comes out & assures him that the package is OUT!? but it needs time to get out! then why did that woman say that there’s no update on the package?! how slow can u be Aramex!

The thing is we are traveling tomorrow morning & we want the lens tonight for our trip! if we knew u’d be tha SLOW, we wouldn’t hv ordered from the 1st plz!

Please, kill me Aramex!

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Dubai Air Show

My husband & I will be attending this show nshallah on the 16th of Nov 2011 🙂 He always attends this event every 2 years & nshallah this time I’ll be with him! He wants me to see how magnificent it is.

We made the reservations & bookings on August! Yup, he’s that excited & worried that we won’t find a ticket or accommodations 😛

Will be updating you about the show nshallah! It’s gonna be a new experience 😉

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Packing Time

I need a vacation . . . This will be a very short one but I don’t mind 😉

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