Happy 2nd Birthday To My Blog

Time travels fast mashallah! Not long ago I started this blog, 2 years back exactly! I was bored, lonely & depressed working more than 8 hrs per day 5days in the week & always complaining about it . . . who doesn;t?! 😛

It was a very joyful ride, I got to meet new bloggers in this past year. I got married. I met Jared Leto. I got terminated. I had a miscarriage. Mahsallah, what else b3d?!

I’m really loving this world, loving my fellow bloggers, my commenters & my silent readers! & to my haters . . . Burn in agony 😛

My blog is 2 yrs old now & 2 people are celebrating this occasion! Not only me.


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25 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday To My Blog

  1. Happy 2nd birthdaaay to youuuu !

  2. Happy Birth Day ^_^ to Crazy Yet Wise ( not your swera 😛 )
    I’m really honored to be a fan of your blog . Yalla come back to twitter 😛

  3. Awww Happy Blog-o-versary hehehe wow you seriously have been through most of it! Hehehe 3ayal ana shagol next year I will be celebrating my 8th anniversary! 😛

  4. Miss Good Egg

    Happy Birthday 🙂

    Off topic: I noticed you’re reading Crush It! How is it? I keep seeing it everywhere; what’s the big deal?

    • thank you 🙂

      wallah it’s about using the internet to make ur business a hit! it’s not rocket science bs it’s smth we can’t c even though it’s infront of us!

  5. Happy 2nd birthday dear….really enjoying ur posts….keep it up & keep on rockin’

  6. Happy happy happy birthday to CYW!!!!! Mabrook habibti, and may you have many more wonderful years of blogging! :-*

  7. Mabrook w kel 3am w inti b5eir 3asa more years to come where we read even more fun stuff from you 😉

  8. wohooooo! happy birthday crazy yet wise :* hoping to celebrate the 3rd 😉

  9. happy birthday to ur blog swera

    lsn i will post about romantic cruse in dubai creek u should try it since the weather will be nice

  10. I still remember the post of last year.. I was tawni shesma back then 😛

    Looking forward to next year 😉

  11. Hameedosh

    عدل عدل عالبركه 👏👏👏 🙂

  12. Congrats Swera! We hope for many more years to come. 🙂

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