Mini Marzipan Cakes

Life goes on, and what’s the best way in letting go of the past other than sweets which let you escape reality for a lil bit & indulge in an outstanding taste! I was home last night, not in the mood to go out & craving many things! We (some people) sent some stuff to some people! my choice went with Flavors Bakery Mini Marzipan Cakes! Haven’t tried them before but those people said they were good, so I said why not give them a try! After all, I’m a sucker for Marzipan.

They were soo soooo good! The Marzipan is class A! Not this kind of cheap one! I ate 3 mini cakes, each had a different flavor! If you eat 1, it’s more than enough but I ate 3! I couldn’t breath afterwards!

If you love marzipan then this is a must!

come to mama

look how beautiful it is

Im loving the details

Carrot cake

Chocolate cake

Strawberry cake

their menu

Call them

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12 thoughts on “Mini Marzipan Cakes

  1. Noory

    Looks absolutely delicious! Sa7teen 😀

  2. That looks amazinggggggggg!

  3. I think I’m gonna enjoy that strawberry mini cake! 🙂

  4. It looks so pretty! 3alaich bil3afia;*

  5. I am not insanely adventurous when it comes to sweets bs yalla enshalla maybe I’ll try it one day 😛

  6. Summer

    Allah shwagteeni!! I’m going to order from them soon and call them on their “mobil”! LOL!

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