I Lost The Baby

Not long ago, I knew I was pregnant! Exactly 10 days ago (26th of September) 4 weeks pregnant. I was very very happy & excited. I’m gonna be a mother! So i did the routine tests! My Dr. Pauline suggested i do the hCG blood test to make sure that the pregnancy is nromal & the baby is growing in th right way! To my luck, my hCG level wasn’t doubling! It’s supposed to double every 2 days in the first 9 weeks of the pregnancy, but mine weren’t! They were “slow rising”! The Dr. asked me if there is no bleeding or abdominal pain, told her everything is fine & I was scheduled to meet her next Saturday (8th of Oct).

Last night (5 weeks pregnant), I had a severe abdominal pain! & I couldn’t handle it & then a sharp pain started to kick in my back! Husband took me to Alsabah ER (they really should bomb that hospital along with the Doctors inside & nurses). Did some tests & the result was; There’s no baby, it’s gone, I’ve lost it!

My due date was supposed to be on June 6th 2012! We already picked the names for both sexes! But I guess it wasn’t meant to be! Til, now, I can’t stop crying! Husband, sister, aunts & friends keep saying; “it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t gonna be a healthy baby! Just thank god it came out in an early stage or else you would have suffered” but it hurst.

Allah y3aweth ya rb!

اللهم لا اعتراض، بك امنت و عليك توكلت
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78 thoughts on “I Lost The Baby

  1. Hanan

    الله يصبرك ويعوضك الخير وان شاء الله مولودك راح يكون شفيع لك في الجنة

  2. enigma

    7ayaty 😦 I’m so sad for you!

    kheera enshallah.. allah y3awthich beli a7san mnna!


  3. 7bebty wallaa enshallah rabi e3w’6ch o yarzgch bel therya al9al7aa o al lost baby yeshfa3lich ya 7iaty jedamch 3mr 6weel enshallah betyebeen ‘3eraaah don’t cry 7bebty entaaay :****

  4. لن يصيبنا الا ما كتب الله لنا , تتعوض انشاء الله

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that 7abibity 😥 I really really understand how you feel!

  6. Ahmed

    الحمد الله على كل حال ، و الله بيرزقج بغيره ان شاء الله

  7. Sorry for your loss. It’s really hard to go through these things. Your family is right, but be kind to yourself as you go through your grief. Good things will follow.

  8. Oh hon I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve been told that losing a baby this way is like losing a piece of your heart.

    Relax sweety and insha2 Allah ma tdoor 3leech el sena ella your baby is bouncing in ur arms o saying gogo gogo 🙂

  9. Madame C

    I pray God gives u strength to go through this hardship. Allah kareem

  10. Haya

    Allah y3awthich enshallah.. Don’t be sad, allah lah 7ikma bhashai.

  11. Neen

    Yaa galbeeeeeee !!
    Allaaah y3aawiii’6ch feeeh 5air !
    U made me cry now ;(
    7ayaateeeeee i know how much u waited for the baby
    Kila 5aair lich.
    Egryy 8ur2aan 3ala 3umrich. 7a9nyy nafsich.
    il 7mdllaa 3ala salamtich

  12. Bana

    Allah will compensate you enshallah very soon, stay string habebti and I told u it “just happens” :*

  13. Alla e3awothech yaa raab o el7amdella 3ala kel 7al .. hathy 7ekma mn raab el 3alameen e7na nejhal’ha ,,, i lost my baby too last week ( 12 weeks pregnant ) o hathy kheera mn rabby o allahoma la e3teraath
    وعسى ان تكرهوا شيأ وهو خير لكم

  14. Very Sorry to hear about that dear….I know how u feel because my wife once went through the same thing. Hopefully u get through this soon

    حكمه من ربج وانشالله الله يعوضج عن قريب

    Take care.. 🙂

  15. I am so sorry habbebty! Allah bey3awe’6iki 6ab3an. 3asa ta8raho shayan wa howa 5ayran lakom! it wasn’t meant for you to bring this baby bs inshallah others will come!

    Take care sweetie:)

  16. BlackTulip

    لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله ..

    و عسى ان تكرهوا شيئا و هو خير لكم ..

    يشفع لكم في الجنة ان شاء الله ..

    الله يصبركم و يرزقكم بإذنه تعالى ..

  17. Al7emdella 3ala Kel 7al yesterday when I heard your news so closely after the news of Steve Jobs dying I broke down and cried for both of you really. Enshalla allah e3awthech and you never know it might be for the greater good, God has bigger plans for you enshalla o enshalla allah e3awthech :*

  18. Bo Khaled

    الله يصبركم ويرزقكم ويعوضكم
    قدر الله وماشاء فعل

  19. e.Salaam 3laikom

    I’m so sorry for your loss sweetie
    This must B difficult 4 you, bs akeed 5eeera
    8aDar Allah ma sha2 f3l, Allah y3awthech inshalla o yarzegech 3la gad neyetech

  20. Hamdolela 3ala kol eshe …
    say this:
    اللهم أجرني في مصيبتي واخلف لي خيراً منها، و إننا لله و إنا إليه راجعون
    so u’l gain THAWAB & to be from SABEREN …

    & Believe me, Alla always wants the best for us, & Alla chooses the best time for that …
    May Alla stregth you more, & inshalla Alla b3wdek khair …

  21. el7amdella dear , just thank god that you are ok . AND don’t cry , it’s just the start of it , my sis lost her baby on the 5th month . So be thankful dear . I know it’s your first and u were so Excited . But gooly 5eera o el 7amdella o allah y3w’6 3laich. Still you are healthy , ur hubby is there and your family is around you . and WE are here for you . NOTHING have changed . Stay Strong

    • la 7awl wala qowata ella bellah! im sorry for ur sister! 5 months is just too much bs qadar allah masha2 fa3al!

      ameen ya rb!

  22. 7abeebte Sara , el7mdelah , I know lo shno agoolich ma ra7 agdar o9aal 7ag your feelings , el7mdelaah kheera ma tadreen shno elkheera mn Allah .

    Alaah y3awthkom ya rab :*

  23. الله يعوضج يارب

  24. I’m so sorry for your loss, dear </3 Allah y3awth 3leikum, enshallah *hugs*

  25. Hameedosh

    لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله عسى الله يعوضكم بالاحسن

  26. I’m so sorry w Allah y9abrich wiy3awthich inshallah;* Hang in there love winshallah God will bless you with a beautiful healthy child.

  27. Ohhh honey I’m so sorry for your loss. Inshallah Allah y3awthich bdal elwa7id 10. Rabich kareem o ma ynsa 3bada o byrzgich bthoriya e9al7a o ybalghich fehom.

    Alf il7amdillah 3ala salmtich o 3ala kil 7al. I’m sorry 7abebty :*

  28. Noory

    Omg i just found out! 7abeebty saroon allah y3awdek 5er ya rab o your angel yeshfa3lek ya rab. I’m so sorry for you loss o isa yej3alha a5er el a7zan. Be strong sis!

  29. ba3ad 3umri I teared just reading your post… el7emdella 3ala salamtech w ele alla katba fi el5ear lech enshalla alla y3awthech yarab:**

  30. Allah e3authech enshalah ….

    You desserve good things to happen to you o enshallah they will

  31. awww, 7abeebty allah y3aw’6ej inshallah :*

  32. Joory

    7beebty allah y3aw’9ich o y9abrich
    Kil shay wrah 7ekma 7ta law ma fahamnaha !
    Allah yfar7ich eb 5abar 7amalich 3ajel ‘3eir ajel yaaaa rab 🙂

  33. 😦

  34. الله يعوضج ويفرح قلبج حبيبتي .. قولي آمين

  35. Up High Lullaby

    awww sweety allah e3awthej

    the same thing happened to my cousin it was her first pregnancy it was heart breaking but mashallah now she has 2 kids. Just don’t give up and have faith 🙂

    P.S. this is my first time reading your blog. Mashallah you have a wonderfull way of writing

  36. Oh dear.. I am so sorry for your lost.. Thank God for everything.. al7amdella 3ala kel 7al.. Allah e3awthech 5air yarab..

  37. Miss Good Egg

    Swera, so sorry to hear that 😦 Awal shai el7mdillah 3ala salamtich; secondly el7mdillah you were only in the first stages. It could have been worse bs el7mdillah. We lost a newborn baby girl in our family and it was very hard for the mom because she carried her for 7 months and when she was born, she was alive. She had a long time bonding with her child bs she chose to think she went away for a reason. That same mom now has 4 kids 🙂 So don’t lose hope hon. Allah ya5ith o ya36i.

    Enshallah you’ll get to be a mom soon but meanwhile don’t center your life around that one wish. Sometimes you want something so bad bs sub7anallah it is delayed for a reason. I know how much it hurts wallah bs keep living your life to the fullest, if it happened along that way that’s great, if it didn’t- there are other options enshallah.

    Go on a trip 🙂

  38. 7abeebte ;*** *biiiiiiig hug*
    sorry for your loss, 5eera inshala o allah e3awithich bedala o yarzigich il thureya il9al7a ;**

    Forget all about it now and try to have fun.. its gonna happen soon inshala ;*

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