Save Abdulkareem’s Leg

To all the people out there . . . If god blessed you with wealth then try to help those who are in need.

Save AbdulKareem’s leg

Last Monday when the bloggers went to NBK’s Cancer hospital for the Kids Cancer Party, there was a little brave and smiling boy called AbdulKareem. He has cancer in his leg that is spreading to his body and his only chance of survival is to have his leg cut off or has a knee replacement surgery. 
Knee replacement surgery is not available in Kuwait but its available in Jordan and costs 30,000 KD. The boy is not Kuwaiti and his family doesn’t have that money. He has no time as his leg cutting operation is scheduled for next week. 

Picture Taken From: 7ajidude 

Thank You: Danderma

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4 thoughts on “Save Abdulkareem’s Leg

  1. Heard about the kid…I really hope that he gets the help he needs to fix his legs inshala….I’m sure that there are slot of good people in Kuwait that can help abdullkareem

  2. omg maskeeen.. allah yesa3do inshallah.. o eli fi el khair ye9eer

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