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CentrePoint Fun Sale

Just got back from CentrePoint Alawqaf & got me some fun stuff. To be honest, Im literary broke, still didn’t get the salary of this month & I’ve spent all of my savings on smth i’m hoping it will work. So when aunti suggested we go to CentrePoint, I got a lil bit depressed coz I didnt hv much to spend. Or I’d touch my other savings which i sinfully did 😀

I went to the fun stuff they have & i fell in love with their painted glasses, plastic neon glasses & other stuff. I couldn’t decide what to buy but then I got the plastic ones coz they were more colorful & if they fall (coz im a lousy housewife) they won’t break 😉


I got me these 🙂

Only for KD 4.400/-

Im loving the colors

waiting for the right party 😉

Do it like Lolita 😉

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