Japanese Cosmetics: Shu Uemura

I first got introduced to this amazing brand when i was on my honeymoon last April in Malaysia. I love KL malls, they have many stores to enjoy your time in them. Either you shop or you just take a look, it makes your day 🙂 & When we were taking a walk at the Pavilion Mall, I spotted this lovely corner. The colors just attracted me. So I went & they started explaining to me their new arrival which was limited edition. Light foundation in the form of foam/mousse. I tried it on my hand & liked it. I only got that from them coz I didn’t know anything about their products.

I started using the foundation foam for work or e7em ex-work 😛 anyways, people started complementing how fresh i look & how my skin looks healthy. It doesn’t cover dark spots or anything, but it gives you this freshy look. I started to like it & it doesn’t give you this heavy feeling when you apply other kinds of foundations on your face.

I wanted more of it but can’t order cosmetics online coz they might not make it to your doorsteps. My dear friend was on vacation a couple of weeks ago in Hong Kong & i remembered they have a branch there. SMSed her & asked her for extra stuff+the foam/mousse foundation. She got me everything except the foam coz it was finished 😦

I got the lavender face spray, & the eye gel-concealer 😀

Check their collection: Shu Uemura

My collection

My limited edition foam/mousse foundation

The Lavender face spray. so refreshing & the smell is amazing 🙂

The eye gel-concealer. I’m in love with it

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2 thoughts on “Japanese Cosmetics: Shu Uemura

  1. My sis went crazy over the foam 😀 It’s really one of the best and we’re lucky coz we have supply here :D! I seldom put foundation coz I don’t like heavy feelings on my face 🙂

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