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I Adore Rice

One of my favorite restaurants. I simply love it, their menu has many varieties of dishes, & each dish comes in a tray full of many things to satisfy your tummy with & after that they treat you with dessert & tea. Their prices are very reasonable considering the food that comes on the tray, it varies from KD 5/- til KD 9/-. The atmosphere is very relaxing when you’re having dinner because of the sun.

Dad complained about not going to the Avenues ever since i got married. & because i’m spending the weekend with them coz i’m husbandless, we decided to visit Rice again & enjoyed our time there.

Let’s go through our trays;


Each tray explains what will come in it. I always go with Veal & Mushroom Cream

My TRAY yum yum

I love the burned onion that comes with the rice

and this is how i eat my dish 😉

My sister’s tray: Shrimp Kebab

look how delicious it is 😉

My dad’s tray: Chicken Biryani

Dad enjoying his dish

& m3boooch 😛

& then the Tea Pot comes for us

Babaty mkayef 😀

The dessert comes with the tea: Cream Caramel for dad

Muhalabeya for sis

& Fruit Salad for moi 😀

Perfect price for 3 persons 😉

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My New Joy

I mean my new TOY 🙂 So yesterday i was Mac-LESS & I felt as if i was naked sitting without a pc! Work took the mac from me & they even wouldn’t let me buy it from them. My reaction “screw ur old mac”! Im getting myself a brand new one 😉

My aim was for the MacBook Pro i5, 2.3 GHz, 320 gb & 13inch screen. Found it in Electrozan for KD399, iCity KD 490, & best deal was in Eureka for KD 370. There were only 2 pieces in Eureka, i wanted to take my time & think about it. Came home & called the Mac-Nerd Jacqui & she was so evil, she actually made me go back to buy it only to find the 2 pieces were SOLD 😦 I was so upset, i even slept early. Went afternoon today to Eureka Shuwaikh & got my baby *huge smile*

IT’s my computer suckers, my own MAC 😀

brand new

But it has only Englsih keyboard! Gotta figure out smth for this problem 😛

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