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4:30 AM Crisis

Imagine waking up around 4:30 am to pray & BAAAM you step on WATER covering your whole feet. Still sleepy & not getting what’s going on. You walk a lil bit searching for what’s the cause of this water thinking a bottle slipped from the table behind your head . . . only to find more & more water. You open your bedroom door  & check the living room & you’re about to *scream* but nothing is coming out from your mouth. That’s exactly what happened to me. I found our whole apartment drowning. The whole living room, dining room, guest’s toilet & half of our bedroom was covered with water. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I woke up hubs to check what’s causing this & it turned out a pipe in the guest’s toilet got fractured or smth god knows what & it caused this beautiful swimming pool.

We got out all the towels we have & threw them on the floor, used the floor wiper to push the water outside & many ways & methods just to get the water out. I almost slipped & fell on the floor more than once 😛

Our backs hurt so much! We can’t walk straight right now. Our muscles are stretched to the max :S but the place is crystal clean! Good thing the water didn’t touch my iphone charger which was on the floor or else I’d be dead. It was few inches away from it. el7mdellah!

This house is killing us. It’s too old, the landlord is old & stupid! He wont even talk to us. We’re moving out soon nshallah!

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6alabat Feature-Money Spent On Food

Just spotted this feature on 6alabat.com new website. It shows you how much you’ve spent on food. My total is KD 595.700/- in almost 2 yrs *shocked*

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