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My Future

I’ve always wanted to complete my studies, get my masters, the PhD & become a University Professor. Publish books & journals. But there wasn’t any program related to my major available at any university in Kuwait & also my father wouldn’t let me travel. But at the beginning of this year I came to know that Comparative Literature is being taught as one of the Master Programs at KU Graduate School. I wanted to apply but it was too late. So I waited, & they’ll be opening their doors soon, this November nshallah.

I registered my name for the TOEFL exam which I did twice & got more than what they’re requesting but unfortunately it got expired. So my next exam will be on Saturday 1st of Oct 2011 early morning 08:00AM 🙂 Oh & they increased the fees for the exam. Before it was KD 25/- & now it’s KD 35/- 😛

The only thing im worried about is my MGPA which is less than 3.0! It’s 2.89, I’m hoping they’ll accept me nshallah. If not, then I’ll have to apply as a non-degree student (ghayr moqayad), complete 12 units no less than B & then transfer to a degree student. So, I have 2 options, nshallah the 1st one will work.

I’m going to get recommendation letters from my previous uni teachers. Can’t wait to go there & smell the beautiful air of Kaifan, English Department & see the faces of my teachers. I’m pretty sure I’ll look as a dinosaur among those tiny new comers 😛

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Folic Acid For The Baby?!

Gotcha 😉 no im not pregnant yet but i went to the clinic to have a peace of mind and make sure there’s nothing wrong with me just in case! My Dr. Pauline Hbeika (Lebanese) at Royal Hayat is awesome. Everybody recommended her and so I went.

She assured me there’s nothing wrong and that everything is normal! Its just a matter of time.

She also gave me this dietary supplement which is a must to every married woman out there trying to have a baby. It prevents illnesses in babies, disfiguresness and such thing. Not every body knows about it n That’s why i wrote about it.

Once you get married, make sure to drop the doc a visit 😉

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