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Photo Challenge: Day 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, & 26

Pretty Pattern: My wedding dressđŸ˜€

Trees: Our hotel in Tioman Island-Malaysia

Sunset: Seriously, who wants to go outside in this lovely weather & capture the sun coming down before futoor time? Not me . . . So I searched my photos collection & found this. Took it last year I guess:)

A smile: My little cousin’s smile . . . Rayan:)

Sun flare: Zoo Negara-Malaysia

Old: An old vase with artificial sunflower i still have, it’s really old but i love it:)

This challenge is really hard, coz we have to post on daily basis but I got busy with the eid holiday, family & going out so I missed 6 days. Now, I know why it’s called a challengeđŸ˜›

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