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“Aren’t You Pregnant Yet?”

This might be a very sensitive topic to talk about but seriously I’m tired from this nosey society. They will never ever leave you alone. When you’re single they keep asking you “when will you get married”, Or “Are you engaged?”, Or “Haaaa fe shay be9eeer?” <– 3yayez question. I thought I’m off the hook when I got married. Was I that naive?! Yup, so dumb Swera! I will never ever be left alone, even if I get pregnant & have my 1st child, they will keep asking “yalla when will you bring him a brother?”, Or “Aren’t you planning for a 2nd child” SHAKOOOOO! oooffff. The only thing I’m being asked is “Are you pregnant?”, “fi shay be6ereeej?” Even a jerk at work asked me if I’m expecting. Wallah I wanted to slap him with my slippers but I managed to control myself & told myself it’s Ramadan.

I don’t lie to you that I’m waiting for this moment, that’s all I see is me playing with my daughter or son, that’s what I’m dreaming about these days. I see myself walking holding my daughter’s hands, baking cakes with her, showering her & playing with her in bath tub. It’s very stressful, really very stressful. Waiting for something to happen when you don’t know when or if it will ever happen (allah laygol) & imagine everyone you see infront of you is asking you about *pulls hair*.

My prayer everytime I pray 5 times per day “Ya rabbi tarzegni be’6ana e9ale7 elli yar’6ek o yar’6ini” Ameeen ya rb!

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Look @ My Cuffs & Collar

I was looking for unique accessories for my Eid clothes. My blouse is plain gold & it doesn’t have any kind of action. I was thinking where to go, what to buy, how to make it look beautiful & elegant . . . Then my sweet lovely friend Anwar Alnukhailan tweeted a pic fromher new collection from Cuffs And Collars & I said that’s it. This is what I NEED. I called her a couple of days ago & voila, my order is here. I love you Anwary. Your collection ROCKS :*

Can’t wait for Eid 😀

This is the pic that she tweeted . . . make sure to check the whole collection 😉

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