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Photo Challenge: Day 8

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Mimi’s Salted Caramel

Ever since i saw Ansam\’s post about Mimi’s Salted Caramel & I became anxious to get it. Then I saw the video on youtube & then decided that it’s time to get this cute lil jar . . . I ordered it on thursday around 11:00 am & they’ve informed me that it will be delivered on Saturday between 12:00 & 6:00 pm . . . It reached my house 12:30 am (next day). & Later, I saw Noon\’s post about it 😉

Anyways, I couldn’t wait for Maghreb prayer so I can put my hands around this tiny jar full of sweetness & pleasure. It’s very very very delicious & yummy BUT, it’s very very very TINY & it costs KD 3.500/- add to that KD 2 delivery! The whole thing will be KD 5.500/- which is too much for a tiny jar like this one . . . My advice is to enlarge it a lil bit so we can live in heaven a lil bit longer 😉 other than it, it’s just perfect 😀

Order it from: The Yard

I couldn’t crack my the chocolate seal. It drowned 😛

Withe Nutella . . . Inspired by Noon 😉

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