Colorful White Ants

I first got this information on whatsapp, & since not everything you receive is true, I had to google it & guess what? It’s true. An Indian Scientist Mohammed Babu attracted the ants by some colorful drops of water & sugar mix after his wife informed that she noticed the color of the ants change to white after drinking milk. He decided to experiment & Voila, colorful ants (mashallah).

I’m so in love with these photos, so colorful & just makes you smile.


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20 thoughts on “Colorful White Ants

  1. WOW! 6a3 shlon sob7an alaah! Amazing pictures o amazing idea! Shlon yaama3hom o 9awarhom! Just brilliant!

  2. mashalla !! I used to play with aunts alot and make hospital place for them and use pills to cure them but *they keep dying*:P I was the queen of aunts until then the lizard came out of wall, e5tr3t w I stopped playing with aunts ya 7lathom walla :p 3yalii 😛 do I sound crazy , god im hungry !

  3. Made n Q8

    عجيبين الصور

  4. Sb7aaaanh! Tabark alra7maaan, Pretty cool!

  5. That’s so freaking cool!!! 😀 Mashallah! Ywanis but a7s i’d freak out seeing ants :p

  6. OMG!! they look amazing ..

  7. Yikes!!! I feel like they’re on me!!

  8. i looovveee.. i wanna adbot the ants…

  9. Miss Good Egg

    Oh my! They have transparent bellies!!!!!! 😀

  10. Wow! Wanasaaa, I’ll try it with glow in the dark paint! ;p

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