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Colorful White Ants

I first got this information on whatsapp, & since not everything you receive is true, I had to google it & guess what? It’s true. An Indian Scientist Mohammed Babu attracted the ants by some colorful drops of water & sugar mix after his wife informed that she noticed the color of the ants change to white after drinking milk. He decided to experiment & Voila, colorful ants (mashallah).

I’m so in love with these photos, so colorful & just makes you smile.


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Fighting Over Leftovers

Have you ever fought over food after finishing your meal?! Actually I never did, but these days I’m fighting over leftovers with my aunt every Saturday (family gathering). My aunt doesn’t have maids, both of them escaped before Ramadan LOL & she doesn’t feel like or more likely she’s too lazy to cook 2 meals, not to mention that her house is HUGE mashalla. I on the other side, also too lazy to cook another meal (suhoor) that’s why last Saturday we had a fight over some leftovers 😛

I was planning to take some food back home with me after finishing futoor but I didn’t mention it to anyone coz I’m the only one who’s struggling in her house chores, auntie is also suffering from house chores but I thought she’s managing it well. Anyways, we were almost done, when my auntie;s husband came and said “Koka take this dish & that one home, I want to eat them for suhoor” . . . and my eyes popped out and couldn’t speak word til he left “This foood is for my husband, I chose it inside my mind but didn’t announce it coz I thought no one wanted it” . . . “What do you mean for your husband? you didn’t say a thing . . . rayli yabeeeh o 5a6rah feeh (my husband wants it)” . . . “oohoooo what shall I take for my husband y3ni?, I’m taking this dish” . . . “Swera yozay ‘stop it”, 3ammech gal yabeeeh (your uncle (her husband) said he wanted it”! And there was a big frown on my face! My other aunt & grandma were laughing . . . I went to other side of the table (Huge table) the men’s side & found the same dish untouched, I took it & hugged it like a baby & said to my aunt “Buwahahahha look what I’ve got, the same dish untouched *big smile*” . . . “el7mdellah wesheker” 😛 “Seriously, aunt I don’t wanna make food at night” . . . “me neither” & we both laughed.

The whole point from this post is that house chores can make you become very low, fighting over leftovers & … & … (When I experience more, I’ll let u know) 😉

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Photo Challenge: Day 7

Something new: the coffee maker/brewer which we got a couple of weeks ago but we’re using it to make tea also 😛

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