VIVA Bloggers Ghabqa

A couple of days ago, I was invited by Vivav to attend their social media event (Bloggers Ghabqa). Got dressed & informed Jacqui that I’ll be leaving at 9:00 pm. As usually, traffic is crazy so I reached Marina Hotel around 10:00 pm. Jacqui & her cute sister Lujain were waiting for me at the lobby. We entered Six Palms Restaurant together where we were greeted by Viva employees & joined our fellow bloggers PinkGirlDudette, & Danderma (met her for the 1st time). & I had the opportunity to meet Ansam (don’t park that far again 😛 ) & FJBliss.

It was a huge event. Mike embalta3 was the host of the show & Lujain (as usual) was the star of the whole event. She & Mike made us laugh 😀 The decoration was very lovely, the food & the dessert were yummy. We had lots of fun 🙂

Thank you Viva for this lovely event.

Jacqui & Lujain going down

Lujain signing Viva’s Book at the entrance

Lovely Lujain

Mr. Mhmd welcoming us

Mike Embalta3

Lujain & Mike embalta3 . . . she stole the lights on that stage

Thank you Viva for this lovely gift 🙂

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16 thoughts on “VIVA Bloggers Ghabqa

  1. I hope you had a great time

  2. ya , it was fun 🙂

  3. hiii swair I think I guessed that I saw u but I was too shy to approach and ask if its u:P lujain was really funny I liked her:)

    • Nooooh . . . Why didn’t you say Hi?! wallah i’d been so happy to meet you. Many bloggers were introducing themselves to other bloggers. 7asafa! next time nshallah 🙂

  4. Wanasa! Lujain looks so cute.
    And the pics go very well with your blog 😀

  5. 3alaaaikm bil 3aafya :*

  6. shsawee im really shy person 😦 next time enshalla I’ll have a courage 😀

  7. Hehehe emseeeeeeba em6al3atny fat 😛 I’m very fat bcos of the dar3a hehe bs yalla ham zain and Lujain was the star of the event, I had a lot of fun o ely made me happier was the fact that I was with you :****

    Enshalla to more future events!

    • laaaa u’re not, darra3tech so vintage o 3ajeba 🙂

      ee i had lots of fun coz i had the opportunity to spend alot of time with u 😀

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