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Photo Challenge: Day 3

Clouds: Look how cloudy it is 😛 well, I had to improvise considering the clear sky we have outside & it’s a challenge 😉

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Lizard Encounter

A couple of days ago, I had an awful encounter with a lizard in my bedroom :/ I was getting ready for Zain Bloggers Ghabqa & I had lots of time to kill til my husband arrives (My sister in law was going to the Ghabqa with me). So i decided why not wash the black clothes which I gathered on the floor a day ago. When I reached for them & picked them up, I saw a tiny creepy yukky lizard under the clothes. All I remember my sharp scream & throwing the clothes back at him *cries*

I had no one at home, & I had to think before it changes its place & then I won’t be able to sleep in the bedroom or leave the house . . . So I covered the clothes with a huge towel. Got the cockroach deadly powder & sprayed it around the towel knowing that it won’t do anything at all considering it’s a lizard & this is only a powder that kills roaches & ants but I had to do something. It made me a lil bit comfortable continuing getting ready & knowing that it won’t get out & if it did, I will know from the foot prints on the powder (CSI Much 😛 ). I called husband & asked him to bring the strongest lizard spray/powder killer. I almost cried on the phone 😛

Later, husband came & managed to kill that dirty awful lizard & I managed to sleep in peace. But, now I’m spraying the windows from the outside & the inside with PifPaf Spray & Powder hoping that nothing will come in nshallah.

It was an awful situation.

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