Zain Bloggers Ghabqa

I was invited by Zain to attend their Bloggers Ghabqa in Bait Alsado. I arrived really late, around 10pm but I had a reason, A Lizard Encounter (another post). There I met some of my lovely fellow bloggers: JacquiLujainNoonPinkGirlDudette, & Hers.

It was a nice gathering. Mhmd Almuhaini greeted us at first & then Mr. Omar AlOmar had a small speech & then it was time to mingle with the bloggers. It was really fun. Thank you Zain for gathering us & Thank you for the awesome gifts you gave us. Really, you left us speechless 🙂

Mhmd Almuhaini

Lovely Lujain 🙂

Lujain, Moi & Jacqui 🙂

A gift from Zain 😀

What’s inside the bag . . .




ger9 3gaily


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22 thoughts on “Zain Bloggers Ghabqa

  1. it was great to meet a friend of my sisters nice seeing you

  2. ma b6alt my email from long time o 2day esa3a 8 shft el-invitation 7ada 7ada!! 7asafa i missed it ,, yalla next time nshofkom in real life inshalla ;**

  3. It was such an awesome event! Cozy shway hehe 😛 And awesome seeing you again! The toys we got were awesome!

    P.S. And now I steal your photos 😛

    • always fun meeting you dear *hugs*, more than awesome 😉

      Tara I’m sending you the photos bs the connection is awful. Damn u Mada :S

  4. Nice coverage & great pics
    @Lujain: nice profile pic loooooooool

  5. 7asafa I didnt get to see you! I didnt get to meet everyone :S

  6. Wow! I would love to attend one of these ghabgas!
    Lemme know if there’s any ghabga coming soon (^0^)


  7. So glad you came and enjoyed 🙂

    3ateeja : you should have your email setup on your mobile, we will see you in future events enshalla, this is only one of many to come.

  8. 3lech bl 3afia bs m7d dzle invitation 

  9. awalan mabrook il new phone, thaniyan mara thania la tet2a5erain 😛 i want to know the story behind your “ta25eer” :p

  10. 3alaikm ib alf 3afya, maybe one day we will move our lazy asses and actually attend ;p

    3al baraka the HTC your gonna love it! (seriously HTC should start paying me for the good words im spreading) ;p

    • O b3deeen m3a hal kesal, tara erayel maybi wa7da kaslana (shako) :p

      Hhhmmm i never tried it before bs maybe i will nshallah 🙂

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