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Photo Challenge: Day 1

As we (Bloggers) decided to take a photo of our initial, I thought immediately of Sandra Brown, my favorite author. & since I’m in love with books, this would be IT! Played with the photo a lil bit to make my initial clear.

Can’t wait for Day 2 😉

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500th Post

Wooohoooo can’t believe that I made it to my 500th post 😀 It’s been almost 2 yrs now since I’ve created this blog & it’s growing with lovely readers & commenters 🙂

And on this occasion, I’d like to do something special. The 1st 3 commenters on this post will get something special 😀

Love you all, & Thank you Thank you Thank you very much for the continuous love & support :*

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B Villa

I was invited by the lovely mother & daughter (Bushra & Anfal) the owners of B Villa to attend the soft opening of their newly established business. I asked my friend Marawie to join me & so we went to check the villa which is located in Albeda’a behind Alzumoreda, Villa 7. We didn’t get lost, it was easy to find. As we entered the elegant villa we were greeted by the owners & some sweet to eat (yummy chocolate). Everything displayed in the villa is affordable, didn’t see anything beyond reason (prices). The villa is divided into many parts: Cafe, Show Room, Lounge, Salon, & Studio (which we will take a look at in the pictures).

Too bad I didn’t have cash with me, & they don’t have K-Net yet.

FB Page: B Villa

B Villa is a place for women to unwind and relax and enjoy B’s tastes and specialites. B villa consists of four havens. Outside on the terrace, you’ll be able to enjoy light snacks and beverages at B Cafe and in B-Studio you can take dancing classes such as Salsa, Merengue or even practice yoga while taking a beautiful view of the beach. Downstairs in our showroom, you can leaf through our hand-selected clothing and jewelry for each season and finally get your hair and make-up done by professional hands at B Salon.

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