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Single OR Married?

People keep asking me, what’s better, being single or married? & I keep telling them, i just got married, let me experiment few months & I’ll let you know. Now, after completing 5 months with my male room-mate, I reached for a conclusion, or NOT! Just a couple of things came to my mind & I started comparing. Let’s see:

Single: Lazy, extremely Lazy.

Married: Still lazy but have to work, work & work.

Single: Have the time to watch zillion of TV Shows.

Married: Nil, Nada, Nothing :/

Single: Total freedom

Married: have to take permissions

Single: No cooking, no cleaning, no ironing, no washing the dishes.

Married: doing all of the above :S

Single: I get to buy my own clothes.

Married: have to take his opinion.

Single: Sleep whenever I want.

Married: I miss my long sleeps.

Single: eating sushi & pinkberry without any harassment.

Married: being teased all the time for eating sushi & pinkberry because he doesn’t like them

Single: Have my own shoes cabinetS

Married: have to share & listen to continuous complains all the time.

Single: Reading books in a healthy environment

Married: NEWS, NEWS, NEWS all the time. Disturbs my mood.

Single: I can head to the salon/hairdresser whenever I want

Married: Only if he has afternoon shifts.

BUT nothing can be compared to having a loving, caring, sweet husband who takes care of you all the day & makes sure that you’re sleeping safe & sound. Nothing can be compared to eating 3 meals with your companion. Nothing can be compared to the excitement you get after making up from a fight or an argument. Nothing can be compared to being MARRIED!

ONLY, if the man is worth it 😉

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