Pack a Bag Campaign

Quoted from Noon :

“dear bloggers and silent readers, its time to pack your bags, but this time its not for you, your not going anywhere but your bag is.

“pack a bag” campaign is a campaign with no rules, its not based on an organization nor a group, you don’t have to stick with a certain organization, all you have to do is pack an old bag that you don’t need anymore and pack it with clothes, shoes, accessories, toys and whatever you think is suitable for donating and send it to whoever you think needs it the most. your maid, tea boy, cleaning lady at work, poor people around you like a neighbour maybe, you can send them to africa or refugee camps.

it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, which country your from, there’s no rules or restrictions to this campaign, so whoever you think needs it the most, just donate it.

this campaign starts from kuwait and hopefully will reach the rest of the world, so im calling all bloggers, readers and “charity enthusiasts” to help me spread the word

if you are in kuwait i can provide you with families in need that you can easily reach, just make sure you contact me on my email

ps: please make sure that the clothes and everything else you donate are clean and well folded, preferably not torn.”


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7 thoughts on “Pack a Bag Campaign

  1. thank you i really appreciate it :***

  2. OMG! NOOON this is amaziiiiing! finalllly

    u know what! I just gave up a few “bags” if I knew I would’ve had them go to u..but dont worry got more stuff:))

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