Elevation Burger Experience

After Noon & I finished signing the Pledge Wall of DriveZain we went to Shake Shack to have lunch but OMG, you know what I mean, right?! So we headed to Elevation Burger, thank god there was a place to sit and so we placed our orders. It was very delicious and very light yet a lil bit pricey. Y3ni The Elevation Burger costs KD 2.250/- don’t u think it’s too much? Or is it because it’s organic? hhhmmm! Anyways, the food was delicious and I loved it. One of the best burgers I’ve tasted in K-Town, waiting to taste Shake Shack’s 🙂

Enjoy the pix:

Elevation Burger

Yummy Fries

My lovely meal

How it works!

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16 thoughts on “Elevation Burger Experience

  1. I’m starving now. Looks to die for…

  2. Bl3aafya ya rab

  3. 3awaafi ;*

    I haven’t tried it yet, waiting for the za7ma to end so tell me did it end?

  4. Bl3afyah ;* Seriously el6abour 3la Shake Shack makes rb3na seem like they never had burgers in their lives! ;p I laughed in L.A when they lined up outside Apple store, to release the 3GS at that time! 3la elaqal uhma ahwan waiting for something useful! ;p

    I never tried Elevation, coz ygolun t9bgheen re7at Burgers! I’ll go there when they fix their ventilation system ;p

    P.S Where r u on twitter?

    • ee et9adgeeen shakelna efashel lol 😛

      yup, re7at 7jabi e9baghat burger lol bs still i’d go there again coz elburger 3jeeeb 😀

      i deactivated it 😉

  5. I haven’t had a burger in so loooooong! The pictures 3athaaaab!
    3alaich bil3afia!;*

  6. Shake shack burger is my favorite cheeseburger ever, I don’t care what anyone says it totally beats In-N-Out Burger!

    • everyone is entitled to his/her opinion 😉 and if u say so then i cant wait til i try it 😀

  7. BTW The Help is an amazing book, and I heard the movie is really good too!

  8. Chuck

    Elevation Burgers sucked, service slow, high cost for a friggin burger only good thing was the soda machine offered many choices.

    • Actually the service is always good everytime I go there & the price of their burgers is considered reasonable & cheaper from other places. Don’t forget it’s organic.

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