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My Diana F+ Has Arrived

Finally, my Diana F+ Chrome Analogue Camera is here. Thanx to the Turtle-Like service of Aramex, I received it after 12 days exactly. When I first saw the package my heart started racing, I was moving very fast trying to open so I can get my hands on such exotic camera. Look how beautiful it is, so smooth and sexy 😉

It was sold out on Lomography so I searched Amazon.com and only 5 were in stock. Called sister and told her i want this as a birthday gift and so I placed the order 😀

I’m gonna be honest, I can hardly remember when was the last time I placed a film inside a camera and I kinda forgot how. So i ruined one of the films but thanx to a girl on youtube I remembered how 😛 and I’m gonna be needing the help of Shaima because I got introduced to the whole collection by her.

The whole package, camera bundle, 120 film (3 inside), 35mm film (3 inside), and shipment were all around KD 40/-.

Let me take you on tour through some pictures;

Isn’t it sexy?! 😉

I bought 120 & 35mm films, don’t ask me what’s the difference I hardly know BUT I’m assuming smth has to do with the sizes of pictures.

What came with it

A book that includes some photos and stories

some of the photos

This is where you can open the rear door

Remember the old days?! camerat ayam gabel 😀

Placing one of the masks that came with the camera (i have no idea what for?)

120 film

struggling to place the film in the right way!

ruined much?! 😛

trying to get a reddish effect by placing the colored plastic on the flash

Now i need an elegant bag for this lovely collection 🙂

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Living With a Male Room Mate-It Happened On Valentine’s Day

My 2nd part of my story is out now on Sarab Magazine. Make sure to check it out because it also includes Danderma\’s interview 😉

1st Part

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