Phoenix-Arizona DustStorm

Just saw this on the news. Apparently, not only Kuwait suffers from duststorms, this time it attacked the USA, The State of Arizona to be precise in Phoenix. The news said that the state is not used to this kind of storms (e7na ta3awadna 😛 ).

I wonder how they’re feeling right now looking at the dust covering their furniture and doorsteps 😀 Poor guys, not used to such thing! Probably, they didn’t’ know how to act when they saw that storm coming. If anyone from the state reading this (Not you Expat), next time cover your doors and windows with wet towels 😀

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16 thoughts on “Phoenix-Arizona DustStorm

  1. dam 7ash,hom ‘3bar ,yallah trzqna bshwayat thalj ybared 3alina:P

  2. LOL oh well they all have to try our weather sometime or another 😛

  3. Craig

    Hi Swera,

    Arizona is actually in the Mojave Desert so they do get sandstorms pretty regularly. The Mojave covers much of the south-western United States, starting from western Texas and covering the states of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico in their entirety, as well as part of Southern California where i live. I think the Mojave is pretty tame compared to some of the deserts you guys have, though, so our sandstorms probably don’t compare favorably 🙂

    • Hello Craig 🙂

      Thank you for your info, from what I’ve seen in the news, it looked like this is a first considering how massive it was but in Kuwait we’re used to these kinds of storms! Actually it would be weird passes by without regular sand storm and a massive one or two every year 😛

      • Steve

        Hey Craig & Swera,

        As Linda said, Phoenix is actually part of the Sonoran desert. Although the Mojave comes into AZ, its confined to the NW part of the state.

        Also, although the size is unusual (it was 100 miles wide), we get a couple of these storms every year during monsoon season.

        It was really hyped on the news. It was not unusually bad. And like you said Swera, its pretty messy if you don’t shut things down and stay inside. But something that size, you see coming.


      • Hey Steve 🙂

        I never knew such storms were normal in the US considering you guys have the rain and snow and we have the dust 😛 thats why i was shocked when i saw it on the news! but then i discovered it’s smth normal in Arizona 😀

      • Steve

        🙂 we don’t actually get snow in central/southern Arizona. Thats reserved for th Grand Canyon & White Mountain areas.

        Here are some stats for you for this area. And this is average. 2011 has been a little dryer.

        Month Average Precipitation

        January 1.07 Inches

        February 1.06 Inches

        March 1.16 Inches

        April 0.41 Inches

        May 0.26 Inches

        June 0.17 Inches

        July 0.93 Inches

        August 1.22 Inches

        September 0.9 Inches

        October 0.9 Inches

        November 0.75 Inches

        December 1.22 Inches

      • at least it’s considered snow Steve 😛

        we don’t get it at all in the Arabian Peninsula 😀

  4. Looooooooooool Swera! I hope we don’t start getting them in Florida or Louisiana! Can you see the poor alligators in the middle of a sandstorm? ;P

    • hehe 😛

      it’s unusual for such storm to hit USA but smhow its understandable cos it’s in the Mojave desert. now imagine this happening in Florida 😀

  5. Linda

    Hi Craig
    Phoenix is in the Sonoran desert. The Rocky Mountains come halfway down through New Mexico. Some great ski resorts there. Always used to tease Texans that if NM’s mountains were rolled out flat NM would be WAY bigger than TX!! The elevation of my high school was a mile high just like Denver. I can’t remember the name of the desert in the lower half but I don’t think it’s the Mohave. Big dust storms were frequent when I lived in AZ but not in NM. 🙂

  6. erin

    I live Phoenix, we get these storms all the time, usually a couple a year. They aren’t a big deal, nothing crazy happens. its just dust. The media makes them out to be some big crazy storm, but its like driving through dirty fog and then its gone.

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