Good Friends Are Very RARE

Everybody knows that good friends are very hard to find these days & they’re really very very rare. It’s not a new issue I’m talking about but somehow after chatting with Jacqui early morning, I felt like I needed to write about this subject.

You meet new people everyday & people are used to calling them “friends” but the truth is, they’re not! You can call them “mates”, “colleagues” or whatever you want to but no one deserves the word “friends” except REAL friends!

Sometimes you get fooled by close ones thinking they’re your friends but they’re not! No true friend would wanna hurt you if you really mean something to them. True friends will always be there for you no matter what your mood, attitude, religion or color is!

What annoys me the most is when those you think they’re your friends, get jealous from you because/from silly things! and they get really envious when actually what they have (sometimes) is better than what you have! Why can’t you just be content and wish your friends well?! If you can’t do that, then you’re not a good person & you’re not a true friend.

This post is dedicated to the amazing people in my life . . . you know who you are 😉

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42 thoughts on “Good Friends Are Very RARE

  1. noora

    soo true
    its pretty sad when u reach 25 yrs and look back to c u made no true friends! I have the worst luck when it comes to friendships :/
    once u start sensing the fact that they r jealous or start comparing themselves to u it gets soo frustrating :@ o I cant help but hold back and stop ranting or even
    talking abt the little stuff cuz u know they r keeping a record, araf!

    allah e3awethna 5ayr
    postich 3al jar7 3ala qolat.hum 

    • I’ve made good ones in teh past 5 yrs & im still hanging to those who were with me in high school! Uni friends are also gr8 ones!

      but yeah smtimes you get really sad n upset when u hv no luck in friendship! bs nshallah u’ll get a good one soon 🙂

  2. very well said, o mashkooraaa :** lol

  3. *cries*

  4. Hameedosh

    Dedicated for moi? Sweet 😛

  5. Gives *Jacqui* a death stare!!

    *looks at swera*
    *hugs you like a teddy bear and drags you out of the room*

  6. Anon-Guest

    Animals/pets make GREAT friends!
    They won’t judge you.
    They’re never envious.
    They will never plot against you.
    They will empathise with you.
    And although they may not understand exactly what you’re saying, they DO understand love.
    Elwa7id shyabe akthar min haltrue + pure friendship?

    • LOOOOL you said it damn right but smtimes you need human interaction! smth you cant find in animals 😉

  7. Reem

    Well said 🙂

    The best friends I have are the ones I made at school/uni.
    I don’t have work friends, they are just colleagues

  8. Muneera

    I think our main problem is that people don’t accept others for who they are, they try to change them to match their own image.

    I like to have different friends with different interests, life becomes more interesting 🙂

    • probably that’s one point and if they cant change you or shape u as they want they’ll start getting jealous from you because you’re different from them and u hv ur unique style!

      • Muneera

        exactly 😉 it’s very common between women. They can make you think that they like you but deep down, they envy you ;s

      • those with pure white heart are very rare these days!

  9. I know what you mean and I’ve been there done that hehehe hence why I believe my Apple products are my best friends 😛 Well apart from the obvious few that I keep a tab on hehe 😛 Oh and not to mention my TV husbands they make great friends simply because they aren’t real 😛

    Bs whoever eff’s you over just eff them a thousand times o you know what I said this morning just keep it in mind o 6aaaaaaaaaf 😛 Hehehe sa3at people are blind to their own faults and think that they are holier than thou 😛

    • I really really love you Juju :* from the bottom of my heart! o allah el3alem how i felt that morning after talking to you! You made me feel much much better!

      Mwaaaaaaaaaah :*


      • don’t let me start with my honey mouth on my own blog 😛

      • looool… now why would i want to put myself in such position.. fine you love each other and…… (MWAHAHAHAHA)

      • my point exactly 😛

      • Hehehe I love you too babes and I’m glad I made you feel better! That was the whole point you don’t deserve to feel sad for one bit and people are just idiots so there you go hehe :**** I wish you nothing but happiness from now on onwards! :*

      • same thing goes to you darling :*

        nshallah this year will end with happy new for you ya rb 😉

  10. Yibteeha 3adil! Wedi I stick your post on a couple of peoples faces so they read it

  11. Saku

    Am very careful of using the ” Friend” word.. i call them “colleague” to my collage friends just like what you mentioned.. And to my very close friend (she’s been my friend for 7 years) and i don’t call her Best Friend but I call her Sister ;D

    • one of my best friend has been my sincere friend and sister for more than 10 yrs 🙂

  12. Saku

    Down-to-earth lasts forever

  13. Wow!! I’m also going this exact same realization. Only in my case, I honestly cannot call one of my friends a “true” friend…which is saddening 😦

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