Aramex Slow Service

My issue with Aramex will never ever end! We as customers expect fast & efficient service for the huge amount we pay for a little tiny box yet our expectations are never fulfilled.

My package has been shipped on the 29th of June as shown below yet there has been no update on the system til now (July 3rd 11:50 am) & when I called customer service they’ve informed me it has been shipped on the 30th of June & it has just arrived on Kuwait airport. I explained to the man that it shows it has been shipped on the 29th but he insisted on the 30th! Anyways, i didn’t wanna argue on such silly issue but it shows that their system is not organized.

It doesn’t take that long for a shipment to get from USA to KWT! but if it got delayed, then we would expect an update on the system that the package has been delayed due to blah blah blah! Whatever the reason is, just keep us updated, would it take such an effort?!

This wasn’t the first time that I go through this issue with Aramex & this is ain’t the only problem I faced with them. Many people are also annoyed from Aramex service! I wonder when will they take sincere action towards improving their service and let it match their high prices!

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16 thoughts on “Aramex Slow Service

  1. All shipping companies have gone slow even DHL. I tried Aramex, DHL and TNT all of them work “3al mazaj” one time super fast the next 10 times slow as a crippled turtle!

    • my problem is why charge such amount of money if ur service is slow?! reduce the money to make it more acceptable!

  2. Shahira Koudsi

    Our apologies for the unfortunate experience you endured.

    Please give us the opportunity to set things right, kindly send us your shipment tracking number and your mobile number to, to carry the investigation on this case.

    Once again, please accept our apologies, and waiting to receive the details on the email above.

    Customer Service Team Member

    • Thank you Mrs Koudsi for contacting me but this isn’t the first time I encounter such issue!

      I will send you the tracking number! Hope your service will improve & get to be better and more efficient!

  3. I Hate Aramex

  4. It seems everyone is not satisfied with aramex!

  5. Yeah man aramex has lost my last 4 packages and it took me a month each to get them. Since then I’ve switched to dhl and I’m never going back. Yes it’s more expensive but it’s justified. Check the review on my blog for more info.

    • thank you Yousef for this info! Will check it out nshallah and hopefully switch to it 🙂

  6. Allah y3enich 9ra7a
    ynrfzoon lmn ysawoon chthi
    y3ni leesh ma ykonon d8ee8een :S

  7. Well it is July 4th Weekend so don’t get angry because of that and well we all know the feeling of it being delayed especially since we order stuff we so desperately want 😀

    • Juju my package was shipped from there on the 29th of June! not even close to 4th of July! I’m only asking for more precise tracking information 🙂

  8. Zain

    My shipment has apparently been in transit from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for the past 3 days, If they had put the parcel on a dying turtle and pointed it in my direction, it would have arrived faster x_x

  9. renee

    yes no one is really happy with aramex, i hope they change their people who dont even show care for customer

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